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Spirulina as a food supplement
These days people are facing severe food crisis and more precisely it can be said that they are facing protein problem. With the help of Modern Biotechnology we are on the road to overcome this protein problem. Spirulina has given us a huge promise to meet up the protein demand. Spirulina is a blue green alga which is in coiled shape. It can be found in both fresh water as well as sea. Two species of cyan bacteria: Arthrospora platensis and Arthrospora maxima produce Spirulina which is commonly used as food supplement for human and animal. Spirulina is a good source of protein which contains 55%-77% protein of its dry weight.

Spirulina is used as an effective food supplement. It reduces stroke and age related declines in memory and hay fever. Moreover it can prevent heart damage which is caused by chemotherapy, using Doxorubicin. From study on mice it was proved that their metabolism is affected by Spirulina. Probably it is also applicable to human. Another study on diabetic said that correction of abnormal lipid and carbohydrate which is caused by excess fructose in the body. For treating anemia in both who is HIV negative and HIV positive Spirulina is used. It is also used for improving of keratosis and melanosis caused of chronic arsenic toxicant.

In 2008, 150 allergic rhinitis patients were observed and it was found that secretion of pro-inflammatory interleukin-4 had been reduced by 32% by Spirulina platensis. It stimulates interleukin-2 secretion helping in regulation of the inflammatory response which results in reduction of inflammation of geriatric patients in arthritis. In 2007 there was a study where 36 volunteers took 4.5 grams of Spirulina per day for six weeks and as a result it was found that the total cholesterol was in low level, HDL in high level, Triglycerides in low level, Systolic and diastolic blood pressure in low level.

This study was not done by a control group, so researchers are confused whether these changes are the effect of (partially or totally) Spirulina maxima or other confounding variables like maturation, history effect and demand characteristics. According to a double blind, randomized, medicine-controlled intervention study with the patient of geriatric Spirulina can reduce low density lipoprotein to high density lipoprotein ratio when it was supplemented with food during four months. After an observation with some geriatric patient for 16 weeks it was found that it can improve antioxidant potential and the total antioxidant level was high in patient's plasma. It was also found that Spirulina reduce the amount of creatine kinase.

Though it has already been proved that Spirulina is an essential and beneficial food supplement, there are some controversy views. People who are suffering from phenylktonuria cannot metabolize phenylalanine, causes brain damage and this amino acid is contained by Spirulina. Microcystins which is a toxin and causes liver diseases and cancer may be contained by Spirulina rarely. The safety of Spirulina is not regulated with any standard.

Though there are some negative views, advocates of Spirulina suggest to use Spirulina as a food supplement because it is a nutritious food. And the good news is that it is cultivated in the whole world and can be got easily as powder, flake or tablet form. It is hoped that it will full fill one’s demand of protein and nutrition every day in a cheaper rate if it is supplemented with food in an enough amount.
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Spirulina has a protein level higher than any other natural food and most nutritional products. It contains trace minerals in colloidal form, which means they are readily absorbed by the body. Spirulina also contains many of the B vitamins, including vitamin B12, which many vegetarians lack.
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Spirulina is a small, microscopic algae, which is shaped like a coil, and a blue-green. It live in fresh and salt water, and can be used as food or dietary. Spirulina can be found in the watersand when used as a dietary it is available in flakes, powder and tablet form. It is also used as a food supplement in aquaculture and poultry industries.

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Hi dear,

Is Spirulina good for our health?
I heared most of food supplements have a lot of side effects for our health and causes a number of diseases. I never use foods supplements and take natural foods for my good health, and natural foods actually work well as compare to supplements.
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That's great product dude, I really appreciate to you about this article and I really got mine desired information from this...
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Spirulina is a microalga that can be consumed by humans. It is usually taken by humans nutritionl supplement. It's contains about 60% (51–71%) protein. It's not considered to be a reliable source of vitamin and it's a form of cyanobacterium.
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Spirulina is the most nutritionist product and good in protein level.So it is good as nutritional supplement.
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Our systems defense mechanisms features better when it is provided with organic nourishment and supplement that are actually required by it. Spirulina helps important parts of the defense mechanism and this improves our systems level of ability to resist disease which is a sign of enhanced performing of our defense mechanisms.
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Everyone has his/her own perception and views regarding this,i have little information which i would like to share with you guys. People who are suffering from phenylktonuria cannot metabolize phenylalanine, causes brain damage and this amino acid is contained by Spirulina. Microcystins which is a toxin and causes liver diseases and cancer may be contained by Spirulina rarely. The safety of Spirulina is not regulated with any standard.
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