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Mushrooms are the new source of economic food.
A mushroom is the spore bearing, fleshy fruiting body produced on its food source or the ground of the soil. Mushroom is one type of fungus. They are the fungus of the group of Basidiomycota and Agaricomycetes. Basically their fruiting body has three parts. They have a stem like stripe, a cap like pileus and gills underside of the cap where spores are found. But there are many mushrooms without gills or stripe or cap. Those are the parts of the standard physiology of the mushroom. Some mushrooms have leathery fruiting body in place of fleshy fruiting body. There are different types of nomenclature of mushrooms such as stinkhorn, puffball, morel or agarics etc.

Basidiomycetes are gilled and their spores are called Basidiospores. Those spores are just like the fine powders of rain in the gills released from the underside of the cap. Basidiospores remain in the Basidia which is located in the gills under the cap. If these are cut off a powdery spores will be found. The color of the powdery spores is the signs of the classification of mushroom. They may be black, brown, purple brown, pink, cream or yellow in color. But they are very little in blue, red or green.

In modern time molecular identification is most common and reliable rather than morphological identification. Some physiological traits are also developed for classification of the mushrooms such as the presence of juices upon breaking, odors, bruising reactions, tastes, habitat, shades of color and season etc. but mushrooms are grown up from a no indefinable structure to a specific structure with some identifiable characteristics. Molecular identification is better than the time consuming physiological identification.

Some mushrooms are edible. They can be used in cooking vegetables. The foods containing mushrooms are tasty and popular, they have high nutrient values with vitamins such as riboflavin, biotin, niacin, cobalamins, ascorbic acid and thiamine etc. they are important source of vitamin D. Mushrooms are used to prevent the exposure of ultra violate ray. Mushrooms also contain some minerals such as potassium, selenium, phosphorus etc. so mushrooms are the source of food containing vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Most mushrooms are found in the supermarket by the consumers. They are now commercially cultivated vegetables. The most common edible mushroom is Agaricus bisporus. There are different varieties of this mushroom which are grown for commercial purposes. They should be grown in sterilized and controlled environment to ensure their safety.

There are also some poisonous mushrooms which are very much harmful for human body. Cooking of those mushrooms is strictly ignored. The most famous edible mushroom Agaricus bisporus has some carcinogens named hydrazines. But they are damaged by applying favorable heat during cooking. There are no physiological traits by which edible and non edible mushrooms can be identified. So care must be taken to accept mushrooms as food. Otherwise allergic reactions or anaphylactic shock may occur due to mushroom consumption. Mushrooms are now treated as economic food due to low cost of cultivation in almost every country. Mushroom may be the new means of currency. But measures and safety must be ensured for it.
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Wild or cultivated, tropical mushrooms have a commercial potential that is only now starting to receive the attention it deserves. Quick and inexpensive to produce, mushrooms can provide a significant source of extra income for rural dwellers, especially women and young people.Wild edible mushrooms are part of the culinary tradition of many rural communities, who know how to recognise them and appreciate their flavour. Many Haitians living abroad would do anything for a plate of black rice with djondjon (Psathyrella), a mushroom that only grows in that country.
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Mushrooms are one of the most remarkable elements for healthy immune system. They have been used to cure or improve eyesight, hearing, circulation, impotency, stop migraines, headaches, tumors, influenza and even cancer. It is also being used in the medicines now.
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I did this job already. You can do it in a reactor, in batch mode, using xanthomonas campestris.
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could be engineered to create super foods. containing right balance of carbs proteins fats lipids n fibre , micro n macro vitamins , trace elements and antioxidants. then all we will need is to eat shrooms.? :/
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