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LFB Group -France: Latest News, Products, Jobs and Work Culture
LFB Group is a biopharmaceutical company based in France and directed towards development of therapeutic proteins. It is the 5th largest company worldwide in the field of plasma – derived medicinal products. The firm develops and manufactures products for treatment of serious and rare disorders. The treatment of diseases is the main motto of this firm and it leaves no stones unturned for fulfilling this mission. LFB Group also specializes in development of biological medicinal products that also aids in treatment of rare disorders.

Popular biotech products
LFB Group develops products for various life threatening diseases. Its area of expertise includes those of immunology, intensive care and haemostasis. The following is a list of drugs marketed by this firm:
• Aclotin
• Alfalastin
• Arganova
• Betafact
• Clairyg
• Clottafact
• Factane
• Gammatetanos
• Hemoleven
• Human hepatitis B immunoglobulin LFB
• Ivhebex
• Kanokad
• Protexel
• Tegeline
• Vialebex
• Wilfactin
• Wilstart
• Ydralbum

Latest discoveries
LFB Group is constantly coming up with latest discoveries for treating severe disease conditions. The firm’s latest discovery is in the field of pneumology where it develops replacement therapy products for treatment of α – 1 antitrypsin deficiency that is known to cause pulmonary emphysema in adults.
Recent company takeovers
LFB Group recognizes as well as understands the importance of collaborations with other firms. In the year 2007, the firm took over MAbgene at €6m. MAbgene is involved in the production of antibodies and glycoproteins in cell based animal systems.
The firm later in the year also joined hands with GTC Biotherapeutics for expanding its research area on transgenics.

Recent corporate news
LFB Group also has its business spread overseas and over the past few years has witnessed a 60% rise in the international turnover. However, the year 2011 was a bit difficult for this firm and it made a comeback in the next year where its total turnover increased by 7.7%.

Work culture
The work culture at LFB Group is dynamic and at the same time very positive. The firm considers its employees as its assets and rewards them handsomely for their hard work and perseverance. The employees of this firm also work very hard to achieve the desired goals and carry out quality research to churn out the best therapeutic products for the treatment of unusual disorders.

Interesting events
LFB Group has forever been in the limelight due to its constant efforts to develop medicinal products for treatment of various disease conditions. The firm has also received several awards and recognition for its exemplary performance. Some of the interesting events for this firm have been listed below:
• The firm was awarded The Galien Award in the rare disease category in the year 2011. This award was given for the firm’s innovation in the field of human fibrinogen. In the same year, Thallion and LFB completed the patient enrollment for carrying out the Phase II Shiagatec trial.
• In the year 2010, the firm began the procedure for acquiring Austrian Plasma Collection Group.
• In the year 2011, the firm announced patenting of monoclonal antibodies that have enhanced activity in the US.
• In the year 2012, the firm bagged the Jacques Oudin Prize for clinical and basic immunology.
• In the current year the firm signed a licensing agreement with Shin Poong.
• In the year 2012, the firm along with TG therapeutics completed the licensing agreement for development of Ublituximab.

Recent job openings
Currently there are 8 job openings available with LFB Group. Interested candidates can note down the reference id and can leave an online application along with their resume. If selected, they would be contacted by the recruiters. The following is a list of job openings:
Officer (e) recruitment – CDD 6 months – id: CR/0913/EC: This post is available for individuals who wish to be a part of the HR team of this firm. The selected candidate will be responsible to manage the tasks from scratch to finish. Candidates need to have a minimum of 2 -3 years of experience in recruitment process and should hold a higher degree of education in engineering, psychology or third cycle in HR.
Charge of Drugs – id: CR/0913/EC: In this, the individual will be responsible for monitoring the safety of medicines in the developing countries and also take charge of the marketing process that need to be done following the standard European guidelines. The candidates need to have at least 3 years of experience in pharmacovigilance and should either be a pharmacist or hold a doctorate degree in relevant field.
Production Technician – id: DB/13-07/TP: The individual is responsible for carrying out the production, fractionation and purification of raw materials. He would also be responsible for working in accordance with the procedures and should also be able to deliver the products in said time. Candidates having past experience in similar kind of job will be given preference.
Pharmacist assistance release pharmaceutical – id: PALP/0813/EC: In this, the individual’s role will revolve around three areas namely: checking, evaluation and assisting the head of pharmaceutical release. The candidates need to have a minimum of 1 – 2 years of experience in quality control and should be a graduate in pharmacy.
Trainer material, equipment and local – id: PALP/0813/EC: The individual selected for this job position is entitled to provide the raw materials, as well as the materials to be used in the local production. The work should be carried out based on the guidelines of GMP and hygiene and safety. The candidate should be able to carry heavy loads and should have experience in the relevant field.
Quality control manager – id: RCQ/0513/FdL: In this, the individual is responsible for establishing criteria for analytical acceptances. The candidate should have at least 3 years of experience in validation methods and should be a doctorate either in pharmacy or sciences.
Manager platform Galenics –id: RPG/0513/FdL: Individual will be responsible for exploring new technologies. He should have 3 – 5 years of experience in project management.
Head of laboratory development of liquid and lyophilized forms – id: RLG/0313/FdL: The individual will be responsible for addressing issues related to development of liquid and lyophilized forms. Should have 5 years of experience in relevant field.
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