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Baxter International Inc. latest updates and job openings
Baxter International Inc. is one of the leading names in the world of biotechnology. Baxter is the chief manufacturer of vaccines, products for regenerative medicines, recombinant and plasma-based proteins to treat hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. It’s US based organization, with its presence all over the world. With over 48,500 employees aiming at providing advanced patient worldwide, it is well spread in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America/Canada and Asia Pacific. The areas this company focuses on are:

-Acute and Intensive Care Pharmaceuticals
-Clinical Nutrition
-Critical Care
-Fluid Management Systems
-Hematologic Malignancies
-Home Care Therapies
-Infusion Systems/IV Tubing
-Pharmaceuticals/Solutions/Drug Delivery
-Rare/Orphan Diseases
-Regenerative Medicine
-Renal/Dialysis Drugs and Devices

Here is the list of latest happenings in the organization along with the job openings available.
On July 5th, Amsterdam, Netherlands, during 24th Annual Congress of the ISTH Baxter revealed its studies featuring ADVATE. The findings from a post-hoc analysis of ADVATE reflected on the effectiveness of prophylaxis treatment by closely monitoring the levels of recombinant treatment in a patient's body.

More on ADVATE

ADVATE [Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant) Plasma/Albumin-Free Method] a leading recombinant treatment available for patients with hemophilia A. ADVATE is approved in 58 countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, 27 countries in the European Union, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Hong Kong, Iceland, Iraq, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Suriname, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uruguay and Venezuela.

RIXUBIS, first new recombinant factor IX (rFIX) for the treatment of hemophilia B got approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on June 27, 2013. It is the only rFIX used for both routine prophylaxis and control of bleeding episodes in patients with hemophilia B.
  • Sessions for critical thinking and debate presented by Baxter’s employees at Chicago High School
Muchin College Prep's magazine club was launched by the company's African American Leadership Council (AALC) and six Baxter International Inc. employee volunteers to provide students a source of keeping their knowledge up-to-date on current events and hot topics in every domain.

Apply here for recent Job openings in the company.

[Image: baxter.png]

Thank you!
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Jul 31 2013
Baxter enters into an exclusive distribution and license agreement with JW Holdings for parenteral nutritional products containing a formulation of omega 3 lipids. It will have exclusive rights to co-develop and distribute the products globally, with the exception of Korea.


July 22, 2013
Baxter International Inc. received a conditional approval from the European Commission regarding its proposal to acquire Gambro AB, manufacturer of dialysis equipment in Sweden.


Baxter International is a US based firm that has its headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois. It has over 50, 800 employees globally and its business is spread across 100 countries. It is aimed at developing and producing products for treatment of disease conditions such as kidney disorder, hemophilia, immune disease and other acute and chronic medical conditions.
It is a member of NYSE and is traded as BAX. It manufactures medical devices, pharmaceutical and biotechnological products for treating patients with chronic and acute medical conditions. Baxter international invests and manufactures innovative therapies in the areas of acute and intensive care pharmacy products, bio surgery, clinical nutrition, anesthesia products, oncology, critical care, fluid management systems, pulmonary disease, orphan disease, vaccines, regenerative medicine, drugs and devices for dialysis, home care therapies, hematologic malignancies, immunology and hemophilia.

Popular biotech products
Baxter International develops products covering a vast area of disease conditions. These areas include kidney diseases, hemophilia, trauma, infectious diseases and pulmonary disorders. The following is a list of product developed by the firm.
Products for critical care
* Buminate albumin
* Ceprotin
* Flexbumin
* Brevibloc

Products for hemophilia
* Advate
* Hemophil M
* Recombinate
* Rixubis
* Bebulin
* Feiba NF

Products for immunoglobulin
* Gammagard liquid
* Gammagard S/D Immune

Products for pulmonary diseases
* Araplast NP

Products for management of kidney disease
* Accusol dialysis solution
* Renaflo II hemofilter
* Dineal PD solutions
* Extraneal PD solution
* Hemodialysis concentrates, bloodline tubing sets, fistula needles, syringes, saline and dialyzers.

Latest discoveries
Baxter international has been working with other notable organizations such as Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization for the development of the H1N1 vaccine using a cell based approach. In the year 2009, the company announced that it would release the first vaccine against swine flu (H1N1), that was in the month of July.

Recent company takeovers
Baxter International recognizes the importance of partnering with various other firms for developing as well as marketing of pharmaceutical products and devices. Collaborations also help in expanding the research areas along with the business prospective.

The firm joined hands with Coherus Biosciences in the year 2013 for developing and marketing Biosimilars. In the same year, Baxter International together with JW Holdings announced global development and marketing of parenteral nutrition products containing omega 3 fatty acids.

Recent corporate news
Baxter International has primarily two business areas namely: BioScience and Medical products. The sale for these 2 areas in the year 2011 was around $13.9 billion. In the month of October 2010, the company’s medication delivery unit and the renal business merged into a single business unit and were named as medical products.

Work culture
The work culture at Baxter International is very positive and energetic. The firm has an environment that has great space to work, grow and develop. One has to be a part of this firm to experience the positive vibes between the employees and friendly working atmosphere. It considers its employees as its assets and also rewards them for their exemplary performance.

Baxter International offers a kind of platform for its employees where they can grow, widen their knowledge, explore their talents and in turn churn out world class break through therapies for treating severe medical illnesses.

Interesting events
Baxter Internal through is constant innovations and discoveries is forever in the limelight. Following is a list of events for the current year that would speak of some of the achievements made by this firm.
* In the month of August, the firm presented at the Morgan Stanley Global Health Conference.
* In July, the firm declared the quarterly dividend. In the same month, Baxter International was successful in fulfilling its Renewable Power Goal.
* In the month of June, the FDA approved the drug Rixubis for treatment of routine prophylaxis of Hemophilia B.
* Baxter International received the marketing authorization of HyQvia in European Union.

Recent job openings
Baxter International is always on the hunt for young, experienced and dynamic individuals who with their hard work and perseverance would take the company to new defined avenues. The firm has diverse group of functions, and individuals can choose their area of expertise and apply for the job position they supposedly fit in. The following is a small list from the several job opportunities available with Baxtra International.
* Biolife plasma services: Individuals need to have a high school degree and should also have experience of working in a laboratory setting. Such individuals would be responsible for collection of human plasma that would be required for a number of experiments. The firm has approx 68 plasma collection centers across the US.
* Clinical and medical affairs: The individual should have a strong educational and clinical background in the healthcare industry. They should also posses’ strong research, and communication skills. Individuals appointed in the clinical and medical affairs department have the role of managing and marketing the studies of the new licensed products.
* Communications: The individuals would be responsible for providing communication support to the firm’s business, regions and functions. These would also include maintaining relations with the media personnel, community and employees. For this post, the individuals need to have strong communication skills both written and verbal and should also possess expertise in corporate, pharmaceutical and healthcare business.
* Engineering: Such individuals have a pivotal role to play in the areas of design, development and manufacturing of the products. For applying for this post, the candidates should have a master degree in mechanical, electrical, computer, software or biomedical engineering. They should also possess strong interpersonal communication skills.

Aug 13 2013 (Reuters) - China's Ministry of Commerce has approved Baxter International Inc's $4 billion bid for Sweden's Gambro AB provided Baxter sells its global continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) business, among other conditions.
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Recent job openings:

Business title - Business - Location
Clinical laboratory and research scientist - Medical products - Round Lake, IL
Commissioning and qualification manager - Global quality - Covington, GA
Principal Facilities Engineer - Medical products - Bloomington, IN
Principal Engineer- Medical products - Cleveland, MS

Regulatory affairs specialist - Regulatory affairs - Medina, NY
Principle engineer (stem cell specialist) - Medical products - Round Lake, IL
Sr. Human factors engineer - Medical products - Round Lake, IL

The other job opportunities at Baxtra International include financial development program, human resources, information technology, legal, manufacturing, marketing, quality, regulatory affairs and pharmacovigilance, research and development, sales and supply. Following is an example of how to apply for jobs at Baxtra International.
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Biotechnology has a very wide scope. But how to study Biotechnology as a subject to understand in simple words in order to be perfect in the subject. Nowadays there is a mentality to just study for the exam and score better grades for a good job nothing else no knowledge, skills at all. How to overcome these problems. How to motivate students to study biotech as a interesting subject
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