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Genentech Inc - Latest News and Products
Genentech Inc. is a biotechnological firm that was founded in the year 1976. This company is also known as the Genetic Engineering technology and its founder is Robert A. Swanson, a venture capitalist and Dr. Herbert Boyer, who is a biochemist. Herbert Boyer is believed to have initiated the recombinant DNA technology.

Genentech Inc has been a member of the Roche group since the year 2009.

Popular biotech products
Genentech Inc. takes into consideration the human genetic information for development of therapeutic products for treatment of life threatening disease conditions. The following is a list of biotech products developed by this firm:
• Actemra
• Activase
• Anaprox
• Avastin
• Boniva injection
• Boniva tablets
• Cathflo activase
• CellCept
• Cytovene
• EC-Naprosyn
• Erivedge
• Fuzeon
• Herceptin
• Invirase
• Kadcyla
• Klonopin
• Kytril injection
• Lucentis
• Naprosyn
• Nutropin AQ
• Pegasys
• Perjeta
• Pulmozyme
• Rituxan
• Rocephin
• Roferon
• Romazicon
• Tamiflu
• Tarceva
• TNKase
• Valcyte
• Valium
• Xeloda
• Xenical
• Xolair
• Zelboraf
• Zenapax

Latest discoveries
Genentech Inc. develops products for severe medical disease conditions. The following is a comprehensive list of molecules that has been developed by the firm.
• AKT inhibitor for treatment of gastric cancer, prostate cancer and solid tumors.
• Anti CD22 and Anti – CD79b antibody drug conjugate indicated in conditions of hematologic malignancies, Non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma and diffuse large β – cell lymphoma.
• Anti – ETBR antibody drug conjugate indicated in treatment of melanoma.
• Anti-HER3/EGFR DAF MAb indicated in treatment of colorectal cancer, head and neck cancer and metastatic epithelial cells.
• Anti-PDL1for treating solid tumors and metastatic melanoma.
• Anti – STEAP 1 antibody drug conjugate for treating prostate cancer.
• Antibody drug conjugate for treatment of multiple myeloma, pancreatic and ovarian cancers.
• Crenezumab for Alzheimer’s disease
• Ocrelizumab for relapsing and progressive multiple sclerosis
• Rontalizumab for systemic lupus erythematosus
• Tofoglifozin for type 2 diabetes
• Mew molecular entity for infectious disease, cytomegalovirus disease in kidney transplant cases
• Ranimizumab for age related macular degeneration
• Anti – PCSK9 indicated for cardiovascular diseases.

Recent company takeovers
Genentech Inc. believes in partnering with organizations for expanding their business which in a way helps widening their areas of research. The firm’s relationship with Roche is a unique one. These two firms have two independent R&D organizations and with separate budget allocations.
The firm collaborates with other organizations to conduct research in the areas of immunology, cardiovascular disease, oncology, neuroscience, ophthalmic disease, therapeutic lead discovery technologies and biomarker assay technologies.

Apart from these, the firm has partnered with the following organizations:
• Array Biopharma Inc
• Seattle Genetics ADC technology
• Abbott laboratories
• Exelixis
• Piramed Ltd.
• NovImmune
• AC Immune SA

Work culture
The work culture at Genentech Inc. is very vibrant and at the same time positive. The firm regards its employees as its success pillars and considers them as assets. Its employees are appreciated and handsomely rewarded for their achievements and success. It has several benefit programs to financially secure their employees after retirement.
The employees of this firm are very hard working and leave no stone unturned for churning out products that would help fight life threatening disease. The employees strive very hard to develop therapeutic products that will be beneficial for the world at large.

Interesting events
Genentech Inc. with its constant research and breakthrough technologies is always in the limelight. The following is the list of events that would confirm the above mentioned statement.
• The drug Obnituzumab developed by Genentech was found to be much more effective than Rituxan in decreasing the disease progression in individuals with blood cancer.
• The FDA has given the go ahead for priority review of Obnituzumab for patients who have not been treated for CLL – Chronic Lymphocytic leukemia.
• The FDA has also granted permission for priority review of the drug Perjeta Regimen to be used before surgery in patients with HER2 – positive early stage breast cancer.
• The drug Avastin along with chemotherapy showed to improve the survival rate in women suffering from advanced stage of cervical cancer.
• The firm announces the phase III results of Avastin. This drug is administered to patients with aggressive forms of brain cancer. It is proposed to be given in conjunction with either chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Recent job openings
The firm is always on the hunt for dynamic and experienced individuals who would take the firm to new higher avenues. As of now there are about 459 job openings in this firm. Listing all the openings will be difficult and therefore a few of the latest job openings have been given below. For more information interested candidates can log on to the company’s website and can also drop in their resume @genentechjobs.
• CCM manager / Senior manager, manufacturing Bioprocess: The individual would be solely responsible for handling the team and execution of the tasks. They are also responsible for executing 24 x 7 large scale media preparation and cell culture operations. Interested candidates need to have at least 9 years of experience in operations and 5 years of experience in leadership and management positions.
• Scientist – Protein analytical chemistry: The individuals are responsible for analytical characterization of recombinant proteins. The individuals also need to be an active participant in project teams and may also have to handle 2 - 4 research associates. The individual need to be doctorate in analytical chemistry, biochemistry and chemical engineering.
• Senior principle technical manager, external quality validation, steriles (Brazil): Individuals have to provide oversight validation and also assess validation of methodologies at CMPs. They need to have a graduation degree and have experience of at least 7 – 10 years in quality or validation. They should also possess strong knowledge of the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
• QC Associate II – Biological technologies: These individuals should have a graduate degree in BA or B.S and should possess strong communication skills. They should also have expertise in handling HPLC and additional knowledge in analytical technologies would be an advantage.
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Genentech’s drug to be used in the treatment of Breast cancer has been approved by FDA under its accelerated program for drug approval.

Drug: Perjeta (Pertuzumab)

To be used in the treatment of people with early stage breast cancer who are also HER-2 positive. The drug Perjeta is used as Neoadjuvant treatment in the patient before the patient is operated surgically for breast cancer treatment.

Combination used in the treatment of HER 2 (Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2) positive patients: Perjeta + Herceptin + Docetaxel chemotherapy.

The drug is approved by FDA based on the results from the Neoadjuvant study of Pertuzumab and Herceptin in an Early Regimen Evaluation which is a phase II study.

The drug is awaiting the data from the Phase III study which is called as APHINITY study to get full approval from FDA.

Function of the Drug Perjeta:

The HER 2 receptor is known to be found externally on most of the healthy cells. In case of cancerous cells this HER 2 receptors are found in abundance and these receptors are the main targets for the drug Perjeta. The growth of the tumor is enhanced by the binding of HER 2 receptor with HER 1, HER 3 or HER 4 receptor and the drug Perjeta obstructs this binding of receptors by attaching itself to the HER 2 receptor and this attachment is also known to trigger body’s immune system to function against the tumor cells. The drug used in combination with Herceptin is known to terminate the signaling pathways of HER receptors.

The expected side effects on the usage of the drug include cardiac problems, some allergic responses, fatigue, vomiting, change in taste and also known to have side effects on the fetus when used in pregnant women and the patients are asked to inform their doctors about any occurrence of side effects on taking the drug and there is also Genentech life line number available to provide assistance to the patients who are taking Perjeta.
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