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Merck Serono Biotech Firm: An Innovative Approach towards Humanity
The field of Biotechnology is a research oriented field involving the participation of professionals from various fields of science like Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, and Pharmaceutics. The field is vivid, scope is enormous. Starting from the invention of new enzymes and hormones to the treatment of cancer, Biotechnologists are working on most issues under the Sun. The main aim of the field is to produce a better environment and a better life for everyone by elimination of the debilitating and once incurable diseases. The three main objectives of the field can be narrowed down to healing of the world, feeding of the world and fuelling the lives which exist on the earth.

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Formation of Merck KGaA

In the year 1668, in the city of Darmstadt, a German man named Friedrich Jacob Merck became the owner of a pharmacy. The then small ‘Angel Pharmacy’ was later taken over by his successors and eventually came in the hands of Emanuel Merck in 1816. This young Merck had a scientific education which he then made use of to produce certain medications of his own. He then uses his family business to market these new chemicals in bulk. This small scale business venture of Emanuel marked the beginning of the Merck Group of companies which would later on flourish manifolds and become one of the top rated companies in the world.

The original Merck today has spread out and have original as well as merged branches all over the world, every single continent included, and employing more than 90,000 people. The companies’ manuals are presently published in seventeen different languages as well. The company began its venture in the field of Biotechnology in the year 2006, when they announced a takeover bid of $13.2 billion for the Swiss company, Serono. Yes, this is the Italian company Serono who were pioneers in the field of recombinant DNA technology in the 1900’s.This new venture, the Merck Serono, began its new ventures in the year 2007 and has been on a constant uphill since then.

The Merck Serono United Front

When the largest biotechnological company Serono, Switzerland was bought out by one of the largest business tycoons in the field of Medicine, the general prediction was towards a positive turn. Apparently, the merger was the best thing that could have happened for the two companies, since they proceeded forward to form a Biotech giant in the existing field. The merger cost Merck a sum total of 7 billion dollars but they were predicted to squeeze up more than five times the amount spent, within a decade.

Visions and Aims of The Merged Merck Serono

The merged new company began their work with a desire to develop cures in the fields of cancer, cardiac diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, hormonal treatments and pulmonary diseases. This objective of theirs was coupled with enormous funding, grants, scholarships and fellowships offered to brilliant academics in the field of Biotechnology all over the world. The aim of this was actually an investment for securing the rights of the drugs and medicines which will actually help cure the problems which at present are posing a serious threat to mankind.

This same motif and aim toward a common good and better future has driven the company to collaborate with other such companies who have been in the field of Biotechnology for a longer time and reach faster towards the desired results. The aim was much more for the benefit of the general masses than for the company itself. For example, earlier in this very year of 2013, Cancer Research Technology, Merck Serono and the Institute of Cancer Research have extended the time limit for their collaborative work so as to accelerate the due findings and hence save as many lives as possible and as soon as possible.

Recent Collaborations and Projects

Merck takes the offers for grants and scholarships to another level entirely. Recent news is that the company has offered a sum of 4 million euro as grant money for those working in the fields of Fertility Innovation. On May 15th of this year, the company announced an emerging partnership of Merck Serono and Quintiles, the world’s largest provider of biopharmaceutical development and commercial drugs. This new partnership is supposed to provide the world with better prescription drugs and clinical facilities. Of course it remains to be seen whether these two steps will eventually be helpful for the betterment of human population but the fact that the company has been since long trying on new projects and spending millions on them proves their humanitarian attitude.

The Merck Serono group, which has branches over 67 countries in the world thanks to the prior establishment of the Mercks work on all classes of Biotechnology. However, the Red and the Green Biotech get the maximum amount of importance in their works since the original company is concerned with the field of medicine. The extra 100 million euro that the company has decided to fund on the MS ventures is expected to reap profits in multiples.

The company of Bristol-Meyers Squibb had the rights reserved to monoclonal antibody treatment. To manipulate the process and work in this futuristic field, Merck Serono formed a partnership with the aforementioned company and was successful in the research, development, commercialization and the marketing of the novel protein and antibody therapeutics. This is the type of unparalleled success rate the company possesses. The success is entirely based on the diligent and hardworking brilliant minds who work for the company.

The company of Merck Serono has earned trust of the people after existing for hundreds of years. This is one company people know, that is completely for, of and by the people. If they operate, it is for the benefit of all. The company is almost scam free which is rare and surprising as well since they work on such a wide scale. Whatever the drawbacks may be, the company has always worked for the greater good and promises to continue to do so in the coming years during which they hope to keep working.
Sasa Milosevic
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