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Shantha Biotechnics Ltd - Better and Advanced Future with Biotechnology
Biotechnology has opened many doors to serve mankind. This field uses biological processes, living organisms and systems to invent and manufactures which benefit the human race. It has been used for years to make new inventions and products to rid the world of many diseases and to make advances in agriculture. There are many biotechnological companies which have dedicated their resources to fighting diseases and coming up with food products which will improve the industry of agriculture.

It is the area of research which aims at a better quality of life for humans. In the area of medicine biotechnology is referred to as red biotechnology. The aim of pharmaceutical companies is to grow microorganisms on a large scale so that they can help in the production of vaccines and medicines on a large scale. This field has revolutionized the conditions of human life from its birth. From the production of insulin to control the conditions of diabetic patients to the invention of vaccines of fatal diseases the field of red biotechnology has only served and improved the conditions of the human race.

Founded in the year 1993 by Dr K. I Varaprasad Reddy, Shantha Biotechnics Ltd is a company which is dedicated towards coming up with new and improved vaccines and therapeutics. Its aim has been to produce cost effective medicinal products which can reach a larger population and benefit the world in the long run.

Medicinal Inventions of Shantha Biotechnics Ltd

Every biotechnic company believes in invention for the better of this planet. Their mantra has for years been for the greater good. Shantha Biotechnics Ltd is a company which whole heartedly believes in these principles. Its scientists have constantly worked towards innovations. As a pharmaceutical company it has invented better and cheaper Hepatitis B vaccines, Tetanus vaccines and Erythropoietin (EPO) injections. EPO is a hormone in human body which is required for red blood cell productions. It is administered in patients suffering from anemia which results from chronic kidney diseases. It is also used in treating myelodysplasia from the treatment of cancer. It is also crucial for the purposes for further research with cell cultures.

Rotavirus is the cause of severe diarrhea in infants and kids. In India almost a 100,000 kids die from this infection on a yearly basis. The scientists of Shantha Biotechnics Ltd have been focused on coming up with a rotavirus vaccine to eradicate this virus from India. They seek to do this and finally raise the infant mortality rate of India. This disease is still not widely known among people. There is an urgent requirement in developing countries to raise awareness in lower classes about the effects of this virus so that it does not get mistaken for stomach flu before it is too late.

Shantha Biotechnics Ltd has also introduced a vaccine for Cholera which has been approved by the World Health Organizations and is distributed in areas of natural disasters.

HPV or Humanpapilloma Virus is responsible for the cervical cancer. Shantha Biotechnics Ltd is focused towards developing a cheaper vaccine for this virus. Their plan is to make the vaccine available for all strata’s of society by the year 2018.
It is the first company in India to develop r-DNA Hepatitis B vaccine.

The research aims of Shantha Biotechnics Ltd

The success of every biotechnic firm is based on a well established research lab. A well established lab requires constant care and maintenance. It requires the latest technologies to better invent new medicines and vaccines. Shantha Biotechnics Ltd believes in being ahead of the game. It has four well established independent laboratories. Each lab is dedicated for specific purposes. The main lab focuses on molecular biology, immunology, microbial fermentation, purification and characterization. The smaller labs are dedicated towards the invention of viral and bacterial vaccines. Primarily their research is concerned with vaccines of Typhoid, Rota Virus and HPV.

Sales and Marketing aims of Shantha Biotechnics Ltd

Every pharmaceutical company aims towards finding a clientele for the sale and marketing of their medicinal products. In a country like India where the rate of communicable diseases has been always high, there is a constant need for cheaper and more effective medicines. Shantha Biotechnics Ltd realizes this problem and focuses on inventing cheap vaccines to control the spread of communicable diseases. It also plans on venturing forth in the international market and making its mark on earth as a known and well established vaccines developing company. Their aims for years have been coming up with better vaccines which can rid the world of many diseases in one go. It has made many advances in creating vaccines for Cholera, Typhoid and many other diseases. As a pharmaceutical company it sells its products through WHO and UN agencies as wells as to governments funded through UNICEF. After its acquisitions by a global pharmaceutical company Sanofi Aventis in the year 2009, Shantha Biotechnic Ltd has gained further heights in the field if biotechnological inventions.

Driven by the needs of its society, Shantha Biotechnics Ltd is committed to coming up with cheaper and better vaccines. The process of development of vaccines is delicate. It requires the latest technology as well as tons of safety measures. For a vaccine to be recognized as viable and legitimate it has to jump through several hoops in the research market to be termed as usable. The development of vaccines requires the dedication of keen and brilliant scientists. Shantha Biotechnics Ltd takes care of all these measures. It is an ethically responsible company which is on its ways to becoming world recognized.

Shantha Biotechnics Ltd is always on the lookout for scholars in the field of science who believe in inventions and are committed to the cause of science. They provide excellent career opportunities for graduates and postgraduates of science on a global scale. They value their human resources and provide them with excellent working environment and state of the art research facilities. Their aim is to improve the conditions of all classes of society with better and affordable vaccines.

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