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AMGEN Inc. Latest News & Job Openings
AMGEN Inc. one of the world's leading bio-pharmaceutical company, based in United States (Headquartered in California) is well known for the R&D and Manufacturing of human therapeutics. Here are some of the latest developments that took place in AMGEN, along with the update on recent job openings:
  • Amgen Award for Science Teaching Excellence (AASTE) Winners Declared
AASTE by Amgen is a unique initiative of Amgen in recognizing talented teachers rendering their services in public and private schools of United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. The award is given every year to a selected few excellent teachers.
Here's the list of Winners 2013 (Announced on June 19, 2013):
1. Laura Todis (Sierra High School, Fillmore, CA)
2. Mary Murphy (The Urban School of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA)
3. Mark Paricio (Smoky Hill High School, Aurora, CO)
4. Susan Buehner (Brandeis Elementary School, Louisville, KY)
5. Rebekah Ravgiala (Tyngsborough High School, Tyngsborough, MA)
6. Luz Burgos (Colegio Radians, Cayey, Puerto Rico)
7. David Upegui (Central Falls High School, Central Falls, RI)
8. Amanda Rainwater (Bothell High School, Bothell, WA)
9. Glyn Davies (Henry Anderson Elementary School, Richmond, B.C., Canada)

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  • Amgen's XGEVA (denosumab), drug for the Treatment Of Giant Cell Tumor Of Bone (GCTB) Approved by FDA
XGEVA, the RANKL (RANK Ligand, a protein that signals the removal of bone) inhibitor, is the first ever FDA approved drug against the rare disease GCTB. Earlier in 2010, XGEVA was approved by FDA as a drug for the prevention of skeletal-related events (SREs) in patients with bone metastases from solid tumors.

GCTB is a highly destructive tumorous disease that leads to deformation and fracturing of the bones. Individuals in the age group of 20-40 are more vulnerable to this rare disease. In such a scenario, XGEVA has emerged as a ray of hope, being the only treatment available now.

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  • AMGEN Inc Enters Into Strategic Alliance With Astellas Pharma Inc
AMGEN and Astellas (a leading Tokyo-based global pharmaceutical company) announced a strategic alliance to improve the medical therapeutic conditions in Japan, and improve the healthcare reform systems for Japanese Patients, on May 29, 2013. As a part of the alliance, the two companies will also establish a Joint Venture (JV) company in Tokyo to increase the pace of reformatory actions and act at grass root level.

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  • Positions Open at Research & Development Wing of AMGEN, California, US
Note down the job code from the list below and apply here

[Image: amgen.png]

The Thread Will Be Updated With New Information As And When Available.

Readers May Feel Free To Add The Updates!

Thanks for Reading!
Sunil Nagpal
MS(Research) Scholar, IIT Delhi (Alumnus)
Advisor for the Biotech Students portal (
Computational Researcher in BioSciences at a leading MNC

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Here are some of the latest updates on Amgen Inc.
  • Product Collaboration between Amgen and Servier
Amgen Inc. declared a new collaboration with Servier on july,9,2013. With this collaboration Amgen has received an option to commercialize Servier's investigational molecule, S3884 for cardiovascular diseases in U.S. This molecule is studied for the treatment of heart failure diseases. Through this collaboration Servier's has also obtained rights to commercialize Omecamtiv Mecrabil (an activator of cardiac myosin). Under the terms of agreement between these two Amgen will make $50 million upfront payment. Servier is also very pleased to collaborate with Amgen, the globally leading biotechnology company.

For details, Click here
  • Following are the recent job openings:

To apply, use the job ID and Apply here
[Image: amgen.png]
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In this video, Amgen staff from around the world share their thoughts on the corporate values that set the company apart and make working at Amgen more than just a job.

Amgen deal for Onyx possible within week: sources
(Reuters) - Onyx Pharmaceuticals Inc is close to selling itself to larger rival Amgen Inc as the cancer drugmaker's high stock price has discouraged other companies from making a counteroffer so far, according to people familiar with the matter.

Companies are negotiating a price of $130 per share, or nearly $9.5 billion based on shares outstanding.


Amgen Sales Top Analysts' Estimate on Growth of Key Drugs

(bloomberg) Sales of top drugs Enbrel, for rheumatoid arthritis, and Neulasta, for patients taking chemotherapy, increased 9 percent and 10 percent in the quarter, respectively, Amgen said. Amgen also is developing new products and trying to expand its business outside the U.S. as it seeks new revenue.

Amgen raised its 2013 forecast, saying it expects total revenue for the year to be at the upper end of $17.8 billion to $18.2 billion, and for earnings excluding certain items to be $7.30 a share to $7.45 a share.

Amgen signs autoimmune pact with Japan's Teijin
Amgen has linked up with Teijin Pharma to develop treatments for autoimmune diseases. The agreement centres around small molecule drugs discovered by the Japanese drugmaker that target ROR?

[Image: Amgen_Jobs.png]
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XGEVA is a drug recently approved by the FDA to help prevent skeletal injury in cancer patients after metastasis of solid tumors. When a tumor metastasizes to bone tissue, it needs to alter the environment so it can grow better. To do this, the tumor cells increase the activity of bone-destroying osteoclasts by producing a molecule called RANK. The osteoclasts weaken the bone, making it more susceptible to injury. XGEVA functions by blocking RANK signals sent by the tumor cell that activate osteoclasts. This helps prevent the bone from being de-calcified, and reduces the risk of fracture. XGEVA was also recently approved as a treatment against Giant Cell Tumors. It works in a similar manner. The giant cells are similar to osteoclasts, and require the same signal, RANK, to be activated. By blocking RANK binding to the giant cells, XGEVA helps prevent growth of the tumors. The results of testing of XGEVA as a therapeutic against Giant Cell Tumors was published in the journal Lancet Oncology.

Amgen is also looking into acquiring Onyx Pharmaceuticals. Onyx produces cancer therapeutics, including a multiple myeloma treatment called Kyprolis. Krypolis sales are expected to increase 9-fold in the next six years, making it potentially a very valuable commodity to any company that buys Onyx. In addition to Kyprolis, Onyx produces a variety of therapeutics for use in patients with breast cancer, renal cell carcinoma, kidney cancer, and others. Onyx also has a 20% share in Stivarga, a compound being developed by Bayer as a therapeutic for use colon cancer patients.
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