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What is the future of biotechnology?
Future of biotechnology looks very bright. I feel that this decade belongs to biotechnology, in the same way the last 2 decades have belonged to Computer-IT-Programming.

What do you guys/gals think?

Following is the opinion on Future of Biotechnology, by Sunil Nagpal

Biotechnology has already become an exceptional field of research and industrial application. In fact, it has always been there, it's just that today, when human kind is suffering from myriad of life-threatening diseases, innumerable challenges on environmental depletion, plethora of hitbacks by various pandemics and epidemics; Biotechnology has emerged as the only savior; and hence the "field that actually does magics".
The future of this field is thus very bright!
  • Talk about "New Drugs/Medicines/Vaccines", Biotechnology is at work!
  • Talk about "Artificial organs" Biotechnology is at work!
  • Talk about "DNA analysis: be it for forensic research or for exploratory purposes", Biotechnology is at work!
  • Talk about "Food Production and ways to enhance productivity", Biotechnology is at work!
  • Talk about "New Diagnostic Equipment", Biotechnology is at work!
  • Talk about "Environment friendly products and services", Biotechnology is at work!
  • Talk about "Nutrient supplements", Biotechnology is at work!
  • Talk about "New Apps being developed for various smart phones to probe physiological parameters", Biotechnology is at work even there!!

One may talk about "any" living being linked product/service/activity, you will end up finding "A Biotechnological Connection" somewhere, everywhere!

Found a very good video - BBC Biotechnology Video (
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The future of the biotechnology is quite bright which provides a quality and an improved life, diseases expunged and untold possibilities. It would work in very environmentally process for a cleaner and healthier planet. It has also hold the promise for effective treatment like polio and small pox.
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I have seen the rise of biotech companies in front of my own eyes. Biotech research professionals are now drawing handsome packages. Experienced professionals easily draw North of $100K per annum.
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Biotechnology is a precious gift to the 21st century as it has drastically changed the future of our planet. Biotech has proven its importance in almost every field and it holds the ability to change the world.

Biotechnology has fixed several problems associated with ethics and has become a tool for the ultra advanced era. Students of Biotechnology have lots of job opportunities in the international market and day by day it is increasing. Biotechnology has created opportunity for the people who are interested in taking career as a Biotechnologist or other jobs related to this.

Biomedical engineering is a promising area for flourishing the potential of a biotechnologist. Prostheses, a term to denote the formantion of artificial body parts that may help to replace the defective body parts. There are a lot of opportunities that exist for the people with specializations. Genetic counseling is also an honorable job where the respective person does the counseling of the patient affected by genetic problem. It is socially accepted and there is also a great responsibility is connected with this job. If you want to take this as career, you will get opportunity to serve the mankind as well as you will earn a lot of money.

There are great opportunitied for being a scientist in Biotechnology, it includes a high level of research work regarding health, agriculture, animal, plant and so on. Among all the sectors of biological science you will find Biotechnology in the paramount stage. Here you will get chance to research in respective arena as a scientist. Various international organizations give career opportunities to the people who specialize in Biotechnology. So if you are a student of Biotechnology you can snatch that opportunity and can build your career with Biotechnology.

You can get job opportunities in crime laboratory where you will get the job of DNA testing and help police to find the criminal. It is not only interesting but has opened doors for a broader career perspective. Today most nations use this DNA testing technology to find out the criminals and you can join their fleet with a great Biotechnology or a Toxicology Lab Job. In recent days biometric passport has buzzed the world and within short time it has become quite popular. There is a huge opportunity of jobs in this sector.

Pharmaceuticals industry
is another lucrative sector for the students of Biotechnology. Microbial work in any industry needs students of Biotechnology. Antibiotic, insulin and other important life saving medicines production is directly connected with Biotechnology. It can be said that Biotechnology has touched most areas of our life, so the career opportunities in this field is basically unlimited.
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Some of feature of biotechnology are given as following :
* The potential in dreams begin responsibilities
* Great Results and Valuations
* The fastest growing economy on the planet
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Nice sharing.
I think the future of the biotechnology is quite bright
which provides a quality and an improved life.
Thanks for sharing.
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Hi to all,

In medical line biotechnology is making a great progress especially in medical instruments and latest equipments for surgeory and others even all agricultural.
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The future of the biotechnology is very bright.
Now a days there is a huge technological advancement in the fields of health and wellness.
By seeing these technological advancement we can say that the future of the biotechnology is bright.
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Well I think the new era is era of biotechnology.There are tremendous improvements in this field.The future of biotechnology is so bright.
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In extraordinary ways, today the research and developement in biotechnology is demonstrating the power of scientific ideas to change the world ! The future of biotechnology is not only good but it is great ! Why only future , the present of biotech is so bright that its development will further make it to shine more and more. Today biotechnology is inspiring new students to go ahead with their biotechnology knowledge on such platforms were sky is the limit. Biotechnology has a very strong and promising future. The simple reason for this is it covers the entire field of science and its applications. These includes but not limited to filed as medical, agricultural, engineering, computational, and industrial process all together are now using a integrated approach to improve product quality, efficiency, cost, and environmental sustainability. Nanotechnology, information technology are also helping biotechnology in various way to improve the standards of product and reduce the side effects, cycle time of production with safety measures of patients, society and environment.

With the help of Biotechnology new era is on the way to emerge with the self-directed evolutions. Mankind is on its way to develop self-engineered organism, biochemical pathways, rDNA, self-design proteins, genetically engineered vegetables for improved productivity and nutritional values.
Now with the help of Biotechnology new thinking & implementation of biotechnology applications in physiology of body, gene alterations, protein study, and nanotechnology are being done. All this will help to curb all types of diseases; disorders will help to build the humanity with self-protected and controlled evolution.

The area of application of biotechnology is vast.
Few examples it includes unique products development, today Monoclonal antibodies which are new tools to detect and localize specific biomolecules. The biotechnology had today developed such monoclonal anitbiotics which In principle, can be made against any macromolecule and used to specifically locate, purify or even potentially destroy molecule as for example with anticancer drugs.

Biotechnology is helping and is being worldwide utilized in solving crimes with DNA identifications. It also allows scientists and other to produce banks of DNA, RNA and proteins, while mapping the human genome. Tracers are used to synthesize specific DNA or RNA probes, which are very essential to specify sequences which is involved in genetic disorders.

With genetic engineering & biotechnology, new proteins are increasingly synthesized globally and used for variuos therapies. They can be introduced into other forms of life like plants or animal genomes, thus a new type of disease resistant plants are generated, capable of living in extreme unfavorable environments (i.e. temperature, Ph, Salt, Desert extremes,...). When introduced into bacteria, these proteins have also produced new antibiotics and useful therapeutic drugs.

With biotechnology today cloning are being done successfuly and it generate large quantities of pure and efficient human proteins, which are used to treat diseases like diabetes and hormonal disorders. In the future, a resource bank for rare human proteins or other molecules will be available. For example, technique like DNA sequences which are modified to correct a mutation or phenotypes , to increase the production of a specific protein, anitbiotics and biomolecues or to produce a new type of protein can be stored for longer period of time. This technique will be play a key role in gene therapy and curing of genetic disorders. Really the furture of biotechnology is very bright.

Taking consideration of the breadth and depth of advances underway in biotechnology, there is a strong potential and capacity for a reemergent, neosymbolist era. Similarly, fundamental drivers based on biotechnology will shape this new era of self-reconsideration and self dependant. The complete decoding of human genome with the help of biotechnology and indirectly of our physiology down to individual genes or nucleotides, proteins, and even individual thoughts and emotions may greatly impact our self-perception of life, health, aging ,disease, personality, and nature.

Today through biotechnology in agriculture we had changed the capacity of our planet earch in feeding the large popullation with agricultural quality and nutritive products. This capasity development and balancing will improve our relationship with ecology and the nature.There is a great progress in industrial manufacturing, materials science,medical field , disastor management and bioengineering which is only possible due to biotechnology and will deeply & positively impact both the nature and the survival capacity of humans. We the humans are the drivers of biotechnology and our ability to use biotechnology to create a better world for well being of mankind and also for all other living creatures like plants, animals of our planet and mother planet Earth will show a new way to evolution which will be towards infinity and well being of mankind ! Really the future of biotechnology is Great and is further coming up with flying colors for students ,researcher ,scientists ,professionals in this field & ultimately to the mankind !
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