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Genetic Engineering - A New Breakthrough in Human Engineering
The genes present inside a body determines all the traits of a respective organism, animal or plant. Genetic engineering deals with the genes and its manipulation for the development and well being of that living being. Over the years it has developed new technologies for the humans to win over the diseases, produce more crops and meet up their ever rising demands.

Cloning and human genome project has demonstrated the real power of genetic engineering. Genetic engineers are waiting for that day when just by using our genome they will be able to tell which diseases we are suffering from within seconds. Using gene therapy we will have a chance to heal damaged genes. In fact many autoimmune diseases and heart diseases have been treated using gene therapy. Disease like cystic fibrosis, ALS and Huntington’s disease are caused by gene damage can also be cured. Gene therapy is done by inserting the new gene or by correcting the damaged gene directly.

Insulin and vaccine production through recombinant DNA technology has shown a ray of hope to humans. Bio-engineered products play pivotal role in solving various diseases as well as it helps in disease prevention. Moreover Genetic engineering has lessened the cost of products. Pregnant women are getting support from genetic engineering by screening the genetic defects directly in their fetus. These days genetic engineering has been searching the path for correcting the defects of a baby even before the delivery.

In the field of agriculture, genetic engineering has played crucial role in developing salt tolerant, pest and herbicide resistant variety and hybrid and hybrid variety. With the advancement of modern Agricultural Biotechnology and genetic engineering, we are getting more yield from our crops and is ensuring food safety. Herbicide and pesticide resistant variety ensures us healthy meal as no pesticide or herbicide is needed in this variety.

There are many environmental benefits too, Bioremediation has upgraded the waste management system that is environmental friendly and does not cause harm like the chemical remediation. In the water recycling plant microbes are used and we are getting pure water that does not cause any health hazard. So genetic engineering has a huge role in the modern civilization. In the near future the world will extensively use genetic engineering and I have no doubt about it.
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Apart from the above cited details, the genetic engineering has gone to such height of innovation that scientists could edit any part of the human genome. Yes, the exteme precision could help scientists to combat inherited diseases and other serious disorders like Hiv and Cancer. This technique has been named as “Crispr” and supposed to be biggest breakthrough in the year of 2013. It enables scientists to alter any part of the 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Craig Mello the 2006 Noble Prize winner said that “Cripr is really marvellous and it can be used for agriculture and other gene therapies of mankind. He said that first i went through the all scientific papers and thought to use it in my own lab which literally worked. I was numbed to see that it worked.

It usually works with the help of RNA guide molecule and could be used to match any unique Dna in the men genome. Basically , molecule is attached with certain enzyme that cut double Dna helix. If this process is done the defective Dna is eliminated and the copied Dna is inserted in the double helix.

On the other hand, many scientists of University of Massachusetts Medical School have successfully carried out this experient after reviewing the scientific papers of this breakthrough.

Besides, there are many other scientists who hold the opinion that this technique could be used for eliminating the genetic diseases like huntington's disease or Down syndrome by changing the Dna embryo prior to implanting it in mother’s womb. Yes, questions related to ethics are there but the benefits it provides should not be neglected , said the 2006 Noble prize winner.

Famous Oxford University Scientist Dr. Daga Wells confirmed that it is safe, effective and reliable and should not be taken negatively. He says whom would you condemn if a therapy exists and not utilized for treating an affected child?
Sasa Milosevic
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The results of the blood test could help to detect the Disease of Celiac. If blood test has been in positive for the certain antibodies, an upper endoscopy could be happened to assess possible effects to the small intestine, more importantly the part of duodenum. If the villi happened to be flattened, doctors specialized in diet , would collaboratively work with the patient to make gluten free diet. This would be just evolution process of going through the tests.
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