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Repair Damaged Cell Easily By Cell Therapy
The term cellular therapy refers to various procedures by which processed tissue from animal embryos, fetuses or organs is injected or taken orally. It is also known as cell therapy, glandular therapy ,cellular suspension, fresh cell therapy, siccacell therapy, organotherapy and embryonic cell therapy. Products collected from specific organs or tissues which are corresponded with the damaged or unhealthy organs or tissues of the recipient. Advocates said that the recipient’s body can automatically transport the injected cells to the organ which is targeted where they supposedly strengthen them and regenerate their structure. The organs and glands which are used in cell treatment include - thyroid, pituitary, adrenals, thymus, spleen, kidney, pancreas, ovary, testis, heart and parotid. It is possible to give different cell or cell extract simultaneously.

At first cellular therapy occurred in 1912 when German physicians attempted to treat hypothyroid children with thyroid cells. Cellular therapy was developed by Paul Niehans, MD in early 1930 that is a Swiss physician known as the father of cell therapy. Another notorious practitioner was John R. Brinkley who is commonly known as the goat gland doctor. He reportedly did 16000 operations by which he implemented men with tissue from the testicles of young goats.

In Tijuana, Mexico Wolfram Kühnau, MD, an associate of Dr. Niehans used cellular therapy to treat cancer patients in 1970. It is also claimed to build the immune system and help patients with Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, AIDS, Down's syndrome and various other diseases.

James L. Wilson, a naturopath has been promoting the use of products which are made from bovine mesenchymal cells. He said that the cells have the ability for migrating to any tissue for repairing and once at the site, take on the characteristics of the healthy cell it associates with. According to Wilson a mesenchymal product can be administered under the tongue. These studies have been done mainly in laboratory preparations -- in which mesenchymal stem cells demonstrate reparative ability when it is placed directly in contact with certain tissues. But it is idoic to believe that they are able to migrate to where they are needed in the body. Moreover, when these cells are taken orally they get digested and can exert no significant effect on body function.

The theory behind cellular therapy is senseless. The American Cancer Society has strongly advised people not to seek it. Under ordinary circumstances, cells from the organs of one species cannot replace the cells from the organs of other species. When foreign proteins are injected, the immune system attacks them. In addition, injections of animal cells can spread viral disease and trigger severe allergic reactions. When taken by mouth, animal cells are digested and are not absorbed intact into the body.

Though cell therapy is a modern way of treatment it has some demerits also. Cell therapy is based on senseless theory. The American Cancer Society has strongly advised people not to use it. Under ordinary circumstances cells collected from organ of one species cannot transfer the cells from the organs of other species. After injecting foreign protein the immune system attacks them. There is also risk in case of animal cell because they spread viral disease and causes many allergic reactions. When taken by mouth, animal cells are digested and are not absorbed intact into the body.
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