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Bausch and Lomb Corporate News, Jobs and Products
Bausch and Lomb is one of the leading brands in eye care products founded in the year 1853. It is an American based company that has its headquarters in Rochester, New York. The firm develops and manufactures products for eye care and eye diseases such as contact lenses, lens implants, medications and lens care products. The company has its business spread across 36 countries and has about 13, 000 employees.

Bausch and Lomb was primarily a public company that was listed in NYSE until 2006; thereafter it was acquired by private firm Warburg Pincus PLC in the year 2007.

Popular biotech products
Bausch and Lomb manufacture innovative products for eye care and also develop products for treatment of various eye diseases. The firm’s major expertise is in the area of developing a wide variety of contact lenses that suits several eye types. Below is a list of products developed by the firm:
• Contact lenses for far sightedness, near sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.
• Contact lenses for cataract surgery- the brand name is SilSoft which is a specially designed lens that can be used for both children as well as adults. These lenses can be used in situations when intraocular lens cannot be fitted. In majority of the cases, this type of contact lens is the only cure for infantile aphakia.
• Customized soft contact lenses indicated in individuals with keratoconus and irregularly shaped corneas.
• Bausch and Lomb also offer vision shaping treatment, which is a process that corrects the vision of an individual while they are asleep.
In addition to the above mentioned products, the firm also develops several eye vitamins, eye wash, surgical products, vision accessories, safety and industrial cleaning products, pharmaceutical products, products for dry eyes and allergies.

Latest discoveries
Bausch and Lomb is committed to improvise its existing products as well as develop new ones for treating several eye conditions. Of late, the firm launched the first ever vitamin and mineral supplement that is indicated in conditions of age related diseases. This supplement is known to match the standards and formulae as laid down in the National Eye Institute’s Age – Related Eye Disease Study 2 (AREDS2).

Recent company takeovers
Baush and Lomb recognize the importance of collaborations and partnering with various other firms to research and develop new products. Collaborations not only helps widen the areas of research but also helps expand the business prospects.
In the year 2013, the firm joined hands with THERAPEARL to market the novel mask developed by the parent company for providing relief from various types of eye diseases.
In the same year, the firm acquired Options for licensing its new compounds that have been developed for marketing products indicated for treating conditions of dry eyes.

Recent corporate news
In the year 2013, August 5, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. completed the acquisition of Bausch and Lomb. The name of the firm will however not be changed, and would function as an independent division of Valeant. With this acquisition the ophthalmic division and business of Valeant will get merged with that of Bausch and Lomb and will see a rise in net revenue of more than $ 3.5 billion.
Work culture
The work culture at Bosch and Lomb is very positive and at the same time dynamic. The employees of this firm have the potential of carrying out excellent quality research and do not leave any stone unturned for achievement of the impossible tasks.

Interesting events
The firm with its ever striving attitude to achieve something new is always ready with some innovative solutions for eye care every year. This keeps the firm in the limelight always. The Health Canada Medical device provided license to Bausch and Lomb in this year for VICTUS femtosecond laser platform.
The firm also contributes generously by providing grants to charitable organizations with the mission of helping individuals with eye diseases to have a clearer vision.

Recent job openings
The firm is always on the lookout for individuals with caliber to carry out breakthrough research for developing innovative products for eye care. Bausch and Lomb is an equal opportunity employer and hire individuals irrespective of their race, sex, disability and religion. The firm also has special provisions for individuals with mental or physical disabilities. The following table speaks of the job openings along with their job ids. They can either email the concerned authority or drop their resume at the website and wait for the recruitment process.

Job description -- -- Requisition id
Senior Training Specialist -- -- 8500
Engineering I, Manufacturing -- -- 8483
Team Leader, Manufacturing -- -- 8482
MES Programmer Analyst - Rochester, NY -- -- 8469
MES Programmer Analyst - Rochester, NY -- -- 8469
Manufacturing Supervisor, Filling -Weekend Crew -- -- 8466
Filling machine, technician -- -- 8550
Manager Medical Marketing -- -- 8247
Ocular Specialty Representative -- -- 8545
Quality Associate II -- -- 8536
Quality Inspector  -- -- 8543
Lens maker -- -- 8535
Trainer associate II -- -- 8533
Vision care – Territory manager -- -- 8542
Custodian -- -- 8540
Director marketing -- -- 8537
Ocular specialty Rep -- -- 8539
Ocular specialty representative, WI -- -- 8538
Vision care – area sales director -- -- 8520
Vision care – territory manager -- -- 8534
Vision care – sales associate -- -- 8529
Vision Care: Territory Manager - Syracuse, NY -- -- 8494
Ocular Specialty Representative - Indianapolis North (Team-Blue) -- -- 8531
Validation Engineer II -- -- 8525
Ocular Specialty Representative - West Palm Beach FL (Team Blue) -- -- 8530
Production Technician - Pegsus -- -- 8526
Vision Care: Territory Manager - Fort Worth -- -- 8523
Vision Care: Territory Manager - Cedar Rapids, IA -- -- 8518
Ocular Specialty Representative - Birmingham North (White Team) -- -- 8510
Quality Inspector - 1st -- -- 8505
Vision Care: Territory Manager - Alpharetta / Lawrenceville, GA -- -- 8495
Ocular Specialty Representative - Philadelphia, PA (Team White) -- -- 8484
Engineering Controls Technician -- -- 8079
Quality Supervisor, Microbiology -- -- 8472
Ocular Specialty Representative - Washington DC(Team-Blue 1) -- -- 8478
Manufacturing Supervisor, Technical -- -- 8464
MES Programmer Analyst - Greenville, SC -- -- 8453
Surgical: Regional Business Director - Texas -- -- 8071
Surgical: Crystalens Territory Manager: Michigan/Ohio -- -- 8456
Ocular Specialty Representative - Queens, NY (Team White) -- -- 8442
Technician IV, R&D Operations -- -- 8438
Senior Engineer, Systems (Optics Development) -- -- 8407
Canada Customer Service Representative - French -- -- 8397
Surgical Territory Manager - Charlotte, NC -- -- 8392
Production Associate III - Senior Setup Technician -- -- 8076
Senior Engineer, Packaging -- -- 8347
Sr. Equipment Engineer -- -- 8212
Surgical Associate Territory Manager/Northern Virginia -- -- 8289
Manager, Biostatistics (Vision Care R&D) -- -- 8145
Manufacturing Associate I -- -- 8047
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