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Novo Nordisk jobs, latest news and about the company
Novo Nordisk is one of the world's leading biotechnology companies with main focus on diabetes. The company is driven to find the ultimate cure of diabetes and finally rid the world of this horrible disease.

Simply speaking, biotechnology uses living systems and organisms to develop useful products which aid in healthcare as well as food production. The field of biotechnology has made the future of mankind better and brighter. The field of biotechnology is multidisciplinary. It is dedicated to producing new drugs to treat several diseases and developing several vaccines. Biotechnology has also made many advances in the field of agriculture. It has also made several advances in genome therapies and mapping the human genome. The field of biotechnology covers several areas of industry. With the aid of biotechnological skills scientists are forever breaking new grounds in the field of medicine and agriculture.

Contributions in The Field of Diabetes

Novo Nordisk has worked tirelessly since its establishment in 1923 to find the cure for diabetes. The company not only focuses on the development of medicines which battle diabetes, but also has several programs dedicated to spreading awareness about this disease. Its programs include educating people about diabetes. The company has devoted itself to help patients fight diabetes. Its focus is on all ages that suffer from the disease. Although Novo Nordisk has broken many grounds with treating diabetes medically, the company also realizes the psychological impact that this disease has on the lives of people. This company has launched many initiatives to help people cope with the disease and live with it in a psychologically stable manner.

Novo Nordisk founded the World Diabetes Foundation to help people all over the world in combating the disease. Its initiative in the healthcare department is remarkable. This company is has been phenomenal in reaching out to families and eradicating their fear of diabetes so that they can deal with it in the right fashion. It has worked tirelessly to remove the myths surrounding this disease which affects millions of people worldwide.

This company has made many innovations throughout the years in the manufacture of insulin in safer and productive ways to help the world in better dealing with the disease. This company is also known for its inauguration of Novo Nordisk World Diabetes tour visiting several countries around the world to spread awareness about the disease.

This company has also invented several insulin delivery devices which are easy to use and manage. Along with delivery devices, Novo Nordisk is a world leader in diabetes medication and awareness. It has developed several insulin medications depending on the severity of cases and type of diabetes.

This company provides information about diabetes to all individuals who are suffering from this disease as well as for people whose loved ones are suffering from diabetes. They provide several online manuals as well as guides which train individuals to manage and deal with this disease and its consequences. It also spreads knowledge on leading a healthy and normal life even with diabetes. This company believes the diabetes can be cured. Its main aim is to find the cure of diabetes and rid the world of this disease.

Contributions in Haemostasis Management

Novo Nordisk has also worked towards Haemostasis Management. Haemostasis is the process which involves human body’s response to blood vessel injury and bleeding. In healthy people of this kind of bleeding is generally followed by clotting which controls further bleeding. In some cases however like with people suffering from the congenital disease of Haemophilia medical intervention is required.

Novo Nordisk is known for its development of a medicine which helps in treating the bleeding of patients suffering from Haemophilia A and B. This medicine can be used in cases of spontaneous bleeding.

Contributions in Growth Hormone Therapy

Growth hormone is a chemically produced substance formed by the pituitary gland of the brain. It is a very important hormone of the body which produces the hormone for childhood growth and is known for maintenance of metabolism of adults. Biosynthetic growth hormone is now used in the treatment of many diseases. Growth hormone deficiency results in retardation of growth in children. There can be many reasons for this deficiency.

This company has invented a multi-dose pen medication which successfully injects the medications in patients suffering from growth hormone deficiency. It is a simple to use disposable pen which patients can use easily albeit after being prescribed by a trained physician. They have also taken many steps in spreading awareness about the administration of this medicine as well as awareness about the disease. Novo Nordisk has taken several initiatives in spreading awareness about growth hormone deficiency.

Novo Nordisk and Sustainable Development

This company is known for its ethically responsible programs. It is a responsible firm which understands its social responsibility. It is committed to innovation. But this innovation is not at the price of human lives. It is a respectable firm which understands its limits and continues to work in an environmentally sound fashion.

It uses economically viable means to manage its growth and profitability. The company works in a fashion that its growth is dedicated towards human welfare and by extension society’s welfare. This company works towards production in an environmentally sound fashion. It ensures that its production does not in any way harm earth and its resources.

Novo Nordisk family has grown at a worldwide level over the years and has professionals and scientists working worldwide to find a cure for diabetes. It is committed to the cause of fighting diseases and bringing their cures to all sections of society. This company has launched several initiatives to help people all over the world. Its Change Diabetes program is widely known and has reached millions of people. Novo Nordisk tends to hire people who are committed and sincere. It is always on the lookout for innovative minds in the field of medicine.

Latest News
- Novo Nordisk sees double-digit growth in first half of 2013
- Novo Nordisk donates $80000 for diabetes education in Minn.
- Top insulin maker Novo caught up in China's widening drug probes
- Novo says three year wait for Tresiba safety data

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Recent Job postings in Novo Nordisk


1. Global Product Manager
Education: Masters degree in Business or Masters degree in Science
Experience: Experience in pharma industry, Experience in sales and marketing
Apply on or before 14.09.2013


1. Product Manager (Women’s Health)
You should have a Bachelors degree in science / Marketing with minimum 2 years of working experience in Pharma industry

2. Clinical Trial Manager
You should have a degree in science with 5 years experience in the relevant field and atleast 2 years experience as a monitor and knowledge on ICH/GCP. Your computer skills should include Word, Excel, powerpoint and outlook.


1. Biopharm Cleaning Specialist
Last date for applying is 31st Aug 2013 (please visit the site for details).

2. QA – Chemist
You should hold a degree as qualified person as per Danish Medical agency. Apply on or before 20th August 2013.

3. Student Internships
First year or second year students who are doing their masters in Mechanical engineering or production engineering or similar streams grab this opportunity. The internship period is for about 4 – 6 months starting on 1st of September 2013 where you will be a full time intern. Apply on or before 30th August 2013.

4. Diabetes API Support : Last date for applying is 2nd Sep’2013.

5. Associate Manager (Production, Team Leader)
You should have a degree in the relevant field and experience in injection moulding operations management with 3-5 years of experience in management. Apply before 30th Aug 2013.

6. Development QA Engineer
You should hold a degree in Engineering or Pharma with relevant work experience and possess good knowledge on GMP. Last date for applying is 23rd Aug 2013.

7. Health Economics
You should have a masters degree in the same field or other fields like economics, Public Health and Pharma. Apply on or before 30th Aug 2013.

The other job opportunities in Novo Nordisk Denmark include Senior Business Analyst, Production Chemist, Analytical Research Scientist, QA professional, Pharmacokinetics senior scientist and so on.

Please visit the Novo Nordisk website to know about all these job openings in detail.
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