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Novozymes Latest News And Job Openings
Novozymes, founded in 2000, is a Denmark based company. Novozymes mainly deals with industrial enzymes, microorganisms, and biopharmaceutical ingredients. Having a market share of 47% in industrial enzymes Novozymes has established a strong foothold globally. Emphasizing on better living, it supplies microorganisms for use in wastewater treatment, industrial cleaning and agriculture.

Here are some recent developments and job openings in the company.
  • Novozymes strengthens its mark in bioagriculture, signs an agreement acquiring TJ Technologies Inc
Novozymes acquires TJ technologies Inc., providing biological solutions to North American farmers to enhance plant growth, increase stress tolerance, and improve yields so as to meet challenges of growing global population.

Click here for further details

  • Novozymes builds new enzymatic solutions to improve the freshness span of packaged cakes

Targeting the food industry, Novozymes launches two novel solutions, OptiCake products and Excel and Lift, to enhance softness, moistness and the time period of freshness in packaged cakes. The technologies will not benefit only the consumers but will take care of cake manufacturers as well. The method focuses on action of phospholipase on the lipids in flour and eggs, resulting in generation of emulsifying components which will improve the texture of packaged cakes.

Here's a video on Novozymes OptiCake:

  • Novozymes launches a more efficient automatic dishwashing liquid
Novozymes launches a new enzyme technology which provides an improved performance on liquid dishwashing. Since the use of dishwashers has increased significantly in North America and Europe, the technology will benefit the customers mainly in the quoted regions.

  • Job Opening
Below are the vacancies available in Novozymes. Click here to apply.

a. Production

[Image: novozymes.png]

b. Quality Control
[Image: novozymes_quality.png]

c. Research & Development
[Image: novozymes_rd.png]

We will keep updating the thread with new information!

Thanks for Reading!
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Opportunities for students and graduates in Novozymes

Novozymes has its operations in Argentina, Brazil, China, Denmark, India, North America, Other Asia Pacific, other Europe, Middle East and Africa.

With lots of job opportunities in Novozymes at its various locations, they are also offering internship programs for students and graduates. Yes you will have a wonderful experience in Novozymes by working on a project or working as an intern.

The types of programs available with Novozyme
1. Project collaboration
2. Programs for graduates
3. Programs for student

Key Features
1. Project work for students
2. Thesis work for graduates
3. Graduate programs
4. Internship

Project Collaboration

If you are pursuing a bachelors or masters degree or PhD and looking for projects then Novozymes has one.

Once you are selected to do your project in the organization, Novozymes will guide you in designing a project which will benefit both the party

You will be allowed to work on your project as a team with the people working for Novozymes in the relevant field and they make sure you are guided throughout the project for its successful completion

You will not only gain the experience in your field of expertise by working on your project but also will be excited by the real life work experience at Novozymes.

So how do you market yourself if you want to acquire a project from Novozymes?

It’s simple, visit the Novozyme website where you will find project collaboration guide and you need to fill in the guide online and submit. If you meet all the requirements you will be called for a project by Novozymes.

Novozymes offers both science and business projects.

Global and regional graduate programs are available in Novozymes
Student Programs

Internship programs are available for students in Novozymes, the duration for which is of three to twelve weeks (paid or unpaid). To know the available programs and the country please visit the website.

Also check out for various Novozymes scholarships provided every year for well performing students.
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