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AstraZeneca Latest Updates And Job Opportunities
AstraZeneca, found in 1999, is one of the renowned UK based pharmaceutical company, with Headquarters in London. AstraZeneca is mainly involved in the development of healthcare drugs. It emerged out of the merger of two companies, Astra AB of Sweden and Zeneca Group PLC of the UK. It has marked its strong presence in market by its brilliant work on drugs against cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory, inflammation, autoimmune, oncology, infection and neuroscience diseases. Having partners all across the world, AstraZeneca has a wide global reach.

Here are some recent updates about the company, along with job vacancies:
  • AstraZeneca Signs Agreement with Karolinska Institutet
AstraZeneca signed an agreement with Karolinska Institutet, an academic institution, for joint research on cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, thus leading to the formation of a new center "Karolinska Institutet/AstraZeneca Integrated Cardio Metabolic Centre”, aiming at the rapid research work. The process for recruitment of the Director of center has been started. About 20-30 scientists from both the institutes will work at the center as full time employees.

For Details Click here

  • AstraZeneca and Roche launch data sharing consortium

This collaboration of data sharing is a new step taken by two companies to accelerate the research leading to rapid discovery of high quality compounds and aiming at better service to patients. Modifications will be keyed out using a technology named Matched Molecular Pair Analysis, MMPA. These modifications can be used by both the companies and can apply them to their compound structures without revealing any classified information about these chemical structures. Other large companies can also join this consortium to ameliorate their resources.

For Details Click Here

  • Collaborative work of Cancer Research Technology, The University of Manchester and AstraZeneca on new cancer drugs
This collaboration of AstraZeneca involves two agreements with The University Of Manchester. According to the first one, AstraZeneca will provide basic compounds for the drug development, which will be carried out by the scientists at the Cancer Research UK Paterson Institute for Cancer Research at the University of Manchester. In the second agreement AstraZeneca has invited the other party to test a potential drug target against AstraZeneca’s compound collection to see if any could potentially work as a new cancer drug.

For Details Click Here

  • Current Job Openings
Following are the vacancies for United Kingdom R&D Centers. Kindly see the list below and apply on the company website.

[Image: jobds.png]

Thanks For reading!

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Jul 31, 2013
AstraZeneca Plc said second-quarter profit fell 12 percent as generic competition to some of its best-selling medicines eroded sales by $500 million. Its best-selling drugs face generic competition in the core areas of respiratory, inflammation and autoimmune diseases, (Bloomberg)


July 23, 2013
AstraZeneca said Tuesday that police in Shanghai questioned two managers who worked with a sales representative detained last Friday. AstraZeneca says it has no reason to believe that the questioning of its staff by Chinese police is linked to bribery claims against GlaxoSmithKline. (CNN)
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