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A career in biotech?
I'm a GCSE student but I like planning ahead... I think I want to go into biotech since it gives a meaning to my career as I will help making peoples lives better...

I'd say I'm quite strong in both biology and chemistry because of my critical thinking skills and also my ability of visualising and understanding concepts instead of memorising them. I am also quite strong at business studies as I always try to think of business realistically.

I thought of going into medical biotech, but just recently found out medicine is not my thing. Firstly as an int student I won't have enough money to study 6 years on undergraduate level, also I feel like medicine is not really that important 'cause people will die eventually anyway.

Generally, I want to work in a biotech company for 15 years, then own one as an entrepeneur. Any ideas on which industry should I work on? (I'm quite sure i'll be stronger in genetics and animal biotech)

Also, for my A levels, except for biology, chemistry and maths, which subject should I take?(Business/economics/psychology) I think I will be good at all three and all three of them can help me as a future biotech company manger... My college has good teachers in all three subjects as well.

Thank you very much for your advices...
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[quote='MickeyL0912' pid='3055' dateline='1367691286']
I'm a GCSE student but I like planning ahead... I think I want to go into biotech since it gives a meaning to my career as I will help making peoples lives better...

Dear MickeyL0912,

I really want to appreciate your timely career planning and also your good thoughts!
As you are in GCSE now, this is the right time for you where you can timely plan and decide on your career / options.

Your thoughts of “Giving meaning to your career by means of making people live better”……….! Is really impressive and in itself speak of your high level of understanding and a desire to serve peoples with the tools like biotechnology.

Your career planning has a strong meaning and your passion to make it better is the only way you can achieve success in it. In such case, I think the best tool for you to live your dreams is to opt for “Higher education in Biotechnology” first.

Further, as you wish to own as an entrepreneur; therefore for this, your experience in right biotechnology industry (6-10 years) will be a key to it. During which you can gain as much as experience you want by actually getting closely involved in it. I advise you to work in industries which are based on Genetic Engineering / or purely genetics as this is the core of various biotech industries growing today. The experience from such industry will help you to opt for the direction or business you want to establish in biotechnology. This is a vast subject / industry and the plus point is that it is the one in which you have interest and that you are also strong in genetics !Today the field of Biotechnology has immense scope and the base of all is obviously genetics!

For your A-level, I would like to suggest you to take “Business” as other discipline, in addition to biology. The reason is very simple and the basis of it is your dream! As you want to establish yourself as entrepreneur, learning various aspects of business in your curriculum itself will make things easy for you to make your dream come true!

After all, we learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instructions. I advise you to gain it during your study and industrial experiences!

In any industry, learn by examples and demonstration and this will help you always in your life, especially during the period when you will grow your entrepreneur!
I believe, my advice will help you in some way!

Be optimistic and go ahead. Wish you best of your hard work!
Feel free to contact if you have any other query.

With regards,

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About career in biotech is very interested question, actually its very huge field its not easy to survive in this if you don't put extra potential in this, for the money matters its good you have the chance to grow in it.
Supported living Australia
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I agree with TobyForbes, it is very interesting question.
learning is one aspect but implementation of gained knowledge is another.
Therefore it is equally important how we implement or bring in action things that we had learn !
Someone had rightly said : There is no meaning to some of our thinkings, unless we convert it into action we implement it !
Biotechnology is a great field for business, and is a chance to grow along with it.
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