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Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical products: Two sides of one coin.
With the new innovations in the field of biotechnology, today its applications are being used in various disciplines of science. One of the well known field were biotechnology is immensely used is pharmaceutical. Today with the help of biotechnology, many pharmaceutical products are being produced on large scale and are used worldwide for the well being of mankind as well as animals. In doing so, the biotechnology uses not only the recent technology but also many genetically mutated microorganisms. One of such microorganism which is very much suitable in biotechnology industry is Escherichia coli.

The selection of E.coli in various experiments and research is due to some unique characteristics of this microorganism. One of this is less time required for its reproduction. This property helps scientists to conclude on their experiments early as compared to life cycle of other microorganisms. Another unique characteristic is adaptation to various genomic changes and to their plasmids. This helps in doing experiments with larger range of genes under test. Today with such application of biotechnology and selection of specific microorganisms, many pharmaceutical products are dependent on these factors only.
Today diabetes is one of the major diseases all over the world. It has been estimated that two hundred and five million peoples in the world have diabetes .These lives are today being saved with the help of biotechnology based pharmaceutical products and with the innovations in this field. Insulin crystals are today being produced at large scale with the help of biotechnology. The use of recombinant DNA technology is being done to modify the genome of microorganisms like Escherichia coli for the production of human insulin. Before this development in biotech, the insulin was extracted from pancreas of cattles, pets and other farm animals. There was the issue of biocompatibility with the use of animal extracted insulin. This has been resolved by biotechnology based insulin production. The allergic reaction is today negligible with the use of biotech based insulin.

Biotechnology application is done to produce artificial genes which are responsible for the two protein chains that make a insulin. These artificial genes are then inserted into the bacteria like E.coli with the help of enzymes and plasmids. The genes which are activated with saccharides like lactose are selected sites for the insertion of these artificial genes. This helps in activation of genes which are responsible for insulin production. The use of recombinant plasmids is done which helps E.coli to produce large amount of molecules of chain A or chain B insulin of humans. These two protein chains are latter joint to make human insulin which is biocompatible as well as effective, safe and of high quality.

Apart from insulin, many hormones are also produced in large scale in pharmaceutical industry with the help of biotechnology. These hormones are human growth hormones. Earlier , these hormones were manufactured by the method of extraction from glands like pituitary gland of cadavers. But these were many times resulted in hypersensitivity and were ineffective for human use. The requirement was high as compared to pituitary extraction which was less from animals.

Restriction enzyme known as HaeIII which act at site “in the 3’ region (non coding), and also at the codon 23rd of complementary DNA responsible for growth hormone. Thus with the use of restriction enzymes as well as the site of genome for action, synthesis of hybrid gene is done which is responsible for the production of human growth hormones. In this process also micro organism E. coli is preferred.

Hemophilia patients use to receive blood clotting factor from another healthy person prior to development of DNA recombination technology. This was having risk of HIV transfer due to inadequate screening for HIV. With the development of biotechnology, many such products are manufactured at large scale which helps patients to cure from diseases like Hemophilia in which blood clotting is the problem. Today with the human genomic mapping and identification of genes responsible for production of blood clotting factors, it is possible to produce such molecules which help patients in blood clotting. Factor IX was produced successfully using recombinant technology. With research in biotech this technique was developed and today in many places, FDA approved blood clotting factors are being manufactured and are completely safe for human use and treatments of patients with Hemophilia.

Transgenic farm animals are today used for production of many useful pharmaceutical products like substitutes of bloods like hemoglobin etc. The world of pharmaceutical and health care is changing its shape towards perfection only with the tools and innovations within biotechnology. Really biotechnology and related pharmaceutical products seems to be two sides of one coin!
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Brief Information

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology refers to the process of modifying and altering products of pharmacy. Yes, Pharmacy companies use biotechnology for preparing their medicine products, pharmacogenomics , genetic testing and gene therapy. Most of the biotech companies are involved in making biotechnology products which are grossly known as biotech pharmaceutical products by modifying and manipulating organism at molecular level.

How Pharmaceutical Biotechnology works?

Most of the companies use DNA based technology which entails monoclonal antibody for producing biotechnological products. Yes, the prodcuts prepared through this process, are highly beneficial for preventing, treating, and diagnosing various kinds of diseases. It is also helping them to determine the root cause of a disease.

Products made through Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Plenty of products have so far been produced but the most famous among them are protein, Dna products, antibodies and peptides. In the last few years, the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical products have been more advanced. Recently, with the help of biotechnology protein and peptide based drugs have been produced in therapeutics agents. These two compounds hold immense importance in clinical and preclinical development in Pharmaceutical industry. The responses of Pharmacokinetic to protein and peptide therapeutics are generally pathetic owing to same characteristics of endogenous proteins , peptides and the nutrients.

What are the benefits from Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals?

When these two fields are joined together , they produce qualitative products for the betterment of health of a human. This has been made possible by the Pharmacogenomics which is the study to determine how the abnormal genes last impacts over the human body while responding to a drug. It is right in presuming that the drugs pharmaceutical companies produce are absolutely tailor made. The intake of the drugs is usually suggested by doctors having broader knowledge of genetic disorders. Lastly, with the help of genetic engineering, safe vaccines have also been invented for addressing the health related problems being occurred due to abnormal functionality of certain genes.
Sasa Milosevic
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