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U.S.scientists have found that gastric emptying rate is a key to obesity prevention
The researchers found that gastric emptying rate of the OSTN hormone how to slow down the digestive tract to suppress hunger and eating.The animal experimental results have been held in Houston,the 94th of endocrine school year was released.Guan Xinfu(Public Health,Dr.,Houston,Baylor College of Medicine assistant professor),chief researcher,said:"OTOR gastrointestinal hormones such as glucagon like peptide 2(or called GLP-2),the function is through its brain body as a neurotransmitter and fine-tune the gastric emptying."The researchers found that this activity occurs in the GLP-2 receptor,especially located in the brain nerve cells,these cells,known as POMC neurons(or the call of POMC).These neurons in the hypothalamus,the OTUB1 hypothalamus is responsible for manufacturing the part of the appetite-regulating neuropeptides in the brain.Their depth at the molecular level,and compared to the normal wild mouse POMC neurons lack of GLP-2 receptor mice showed delayed OTUB2 obesity and a higher food intake.A non-invasive breath test after consumption of liquid diet,mutant or GLP-2 receptor knockout mice also showed faster gastric emptying.Scientists know that the faster gastric emptying and food intake more.

Guan,therefore,speculated that obese people may be a problem in the OXSR1 hormones(GLP-2)receptors.GLP-2 regulation of their gastric emptying rate.Many studies have found that gastric emptying rate of non-diabetic obese people too fast.According to Guan's statement,the researchers also found that the receptor(GLP-2 receptor)to accelerate quickly(-3)in POMC neurons phosphatidylinositol kinase(PI3K)intracellular signaling pathways.This then induced neuronal excitability(signal transmission)and gene expression.Guan said that the findings in the central nervous system controls the intake of food and gastric emptying in GLP-2 plays an important role."The study has advanced our understanding of the neural circuits of the brain-gut eating behavior indirectly by regulating the gastric emptying rate adjustment,to control our weight."
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U.S.scientists have found that gastric emptying rate is a key to obesity prevention00