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G-proteins manipulation and ideas..
I have a idea is there a way to unlock the human mind and the increase in chi / energy? Or speeding up the brain I'm looking to work with people. I can even do testing on myself I don't have resources. And I'm not scared of anyone and doing things I believe in progressing the world and revolutionizing it.You ever seen dragon ball z they talk about ki, which from Qi also . Contact me. start some more projects I have plenty of ideas. I can try and get funded. Maybe We can make some money together. I'm In the U.S I have a company called Global Tech Center inc. Just starting up If you find it'll make history. I'm the Owner and Founder. I can give interships or credit for research what you have found if not what I'm looking for.

Back when I was 24 years old I hit 30,000 a month did not last that long someone in trouble. I did a couple things here and there business wise. And got in trouble I lived with some people that got together and stole my things including a car and damaging other properties. I was helping them financially and trying to motivate but they couldn't deal trying to make themselves look a certain in there's head.So I shot at them and had laywer fees etc.I'm a great and cool guy but people try do harm and bad intentions at 19 yrs I shot someone for over what they thought about. He thought about harming me and then when he showed he got shot. had a gun and gloves on him so the investigators let me go. Defensive when people have bad intentions especially after showing love. But now that I'm out of that business I'm focused with my ideas. I the most self-controlled person you probably fine. I have stood still for hours before.Trust is everything.
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