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Tissue culture business feasibility in West Bengal, India
Dear all
I am a mechanical engineer presently servicing at a manufacturing industry. I have been planning for a tissue culture business farm from long back though I am not from the educational background required, but I love and have irresistible interest in the field from last 10 years.

In regard of business, i am planning for a partnership business in the field of both ground and underwater aquarium plants with starting of a smaller farm and later expansion to bigger farm with profit earned. I need some enlightenment in some specific areas that i am not aware of/ lacking of knowledge-
1. Domestic market feasibility at Bengal, demand and availability for ground plants, please mention the most demanding plants in the market that can be started with, please also mention the sales/marketing strategy that i need to adopt.
2. Financial help/subsidy available from government.
3. Manpower requirements and cost. Labour acts.
4. Approximate cost of setup of lab and machineries in a 6 kottah(4320 sq ft) land.
6. If i move further for export what should be the consideration that need to be taken in account from initial phase.

Kindly advise. Any help regarding the matter would be appreciated.

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