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GATE Last Minute Tips | How to prepare for GATE in 1 month
Recently I received a query through personal communication from a GATE aspirant. Thought to respond to the person concerned publicly so as to help others in addressing the similar queries.


I am preparing for GATE BT and going to appear this year in february. I am also working on a govt.project as my dissertation in CSIR insitute. With just one month in hand I dont know how to plan or to prepare or to execute. the other works collapses this. I need your guidance and i am on the neck that I should clear gate with a good score this time.

Hi ****,

My suggestions might sound redundant (if you have gone through previous articles of mine), but following is the ideal strategy to prepare for GATE in last few months:


Go through each and every question of the previous year papers thoroughly. Pick one paper at a time, and explore it from neck to tail. By being thorough, I mean something like the following approach:

While going through the previous year papers, it is extremely important to pay special attention to the papers of the years in which the organizing  institute of GATE was same as the current organizer.


Go through the faculty profile of the organizing institute and pay attention to expertise of the junior faculty (Assistant / Associate professors). It is very likely that atleast 4-5 questions will pertain to their expertise/ subjects they teach.

Nothing trains you better than acclimatizing yourself with the blue print of the exam and simulating the exam environment. Most people fail in competitive exams due to the exam anxiety (and hence subdued performance of their nervous system) rather than lack of preparation.
Your mind is world's most complicated but wonderful machine. If trained well about the exam conditions, it will help you decipher answers to seemingly difficult questions by referring deepest corners of your subconscious memory (one must not forget that there is a huge catalog of theory, concepts, practicals etc. spanning the entire degree course in one's mind). Ideally, one doesn't need any special preparation for exams like GATE, as every question pertains to the concepts one learns in 3-4 years of his/her degree course (an active and confident mind will find a way to solve various problems it confronts). Hence, in the situations of last minutes, the best preparation is in 'boosting yourself & your confidence' by conditioning your mind to the exam environment (not once but time and again).  This way, you will brush up your concepts in addition to making yourself accustomed to the exam.
"Confidence is the key. Don't forget that every student appearing for GATE is as common (and as special) as you are. He/She is also anxious and in stress. In the end, the one who manages his/her anxiety well, will succeed"

4. Read some of my previous articles if you haven't read them yet:
Hope it helps
Best wishes
Sunil Nagpal
MS(Research) Scholar, IIT Delhi (Alumnus)
Advisor for the Biotech Students portal (
Computational Researcher in BioSciences at a leading MNC

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