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Summer Internship or Industrial Training in India
Biotechnology and life science related summer internship programs or any industrial training opportunities for Indian students. Help others if you know about any such training.

ALSO CHECK THIS OUT:  Indian Universities/Institutes Offering "Selection Based" Summer Internship Annually


 Any Indian students seeking Internship or Industrial Training - Please use this thread only.
 Also if you know about any any such openings from reputed institutes , please post here as well.
 Do not use this thread for any commercial purpose.

 Thank you

 - Forums Admin
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Sir I am 3rd year student seeking for industrial training in biotech companies from Mumbai or Goa this summer.kindly help me

- Utkarsh
Dear Utkarsh,

We will leave your post here in the "lounge", in case someone has an idea on how to guide you through the process. But overall we doubt that posting technical/academic quries here will get you any industrial training offers/help as such.

Prefer career section of our forum for such queries.
Good luck anyways.
thanks sir.
I am pursuing M.Tech (Industrial Biotechnology).
I am interested in applying for internship at bioprocess industries and industries involved in production of green energy like biohydrogen, bioethanol using waste as raw material etc.
Kindly, suggest me the names of few above mentioned industries.

Thank you.  

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