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Shire Pharmaceuticals News, Products and Job Openeings
Shire UK is a biopharmaceutical firm founded in 1986 that develops pharmaceutical drugs by working in close conjugation with nurses, doctors, health professionals and pharmacists. The firm develops pharmaceutical products for various life threatening diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD – Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, fabry disease, ulcerative colitis, constipation, essential thrombocythaemia, Hunter syndrome, chronic kidney disorder, Gaucher’s disease and heredity angioedema. Shire UK functions with the mission of developing drugs that would help individuals lead a healthy life.
The firm’s product is marketed in about 50 countries and it has offices across 29 countries globally with employee strength of more than 5,300.
Popular biotech products

[Image: Shire_blue_logo.gif]

Shire UK produces and develops pharmaceutical products for the following disease areas:
• Neuroscience
• Rare diseases
• Gastrointestinal disorders
• Regenerative medicine and
• Internal medicines

It develops products with the view that they can help patients with life threatening disease conditions lead better and comfortable lives. The following is a list of products that has been developed by this firm:
• Adderall XR
• Agrylin
• Alertec
• Calcichew
• Carbatrol
• Dermagraft
• Elaprase
• Elvanse
• Equasym XL
• Estrace
• Exputex
• Firazyr
• Fosrenol
• Foznol
• Intuniv
• Lialda
• Mezavant
• Mezavant XL
• Midon
• Mintec
• Pentasa
• Proamatine
• Reminyl
• Replagal
• Resolor
• Vpriv
• Vyvanse
• Xagrid

Latest discoveries
The product pipeline of Shire pharmaceuticals is loaded with several new and innovative products to combat various disease conditions. Of the several products that have been listed below many are in the phase 3 of clinical trials and the rest are in the phase 2. Below is the list:
• SPD 555 for chronic constipation
• SPD 557 for gastroesophageal reflux
• ABH 001 for epidermolysis bullosa
• SRM 003 for acute vascular repair
• SPD 606 for dry eye disease
• SPD 602 for chronic iron over load
• HGT – ROP – 001 for retinopathy prematurity

Recent company takeovers
Shire UK recognizes the importance of collaborations and partnerships that would widen the research areas and also help expand the business prospects. The following list speaks of some of the recent acquisitions in the year 2013 by this firm:
• The firm acquired Sarcode, a biopharmaceutical firm based in California. This collaboration strengthened Shires’s research in the ophthalmologic area.
• Shire joined hands with Premacure AB in the current year. This collaboration caused the development of a protein replacement therapy that is used for prevention of premature retinopathy.
• Early in this year, Shire acquired Lotus tissue repair. This collaboration lead to the development of protein replacement therapy for treatment of epidermolysis bullosa.
• The firm also acquired Ethris GmbH and both the companies announced a research based alliance for development of novel – RNS based therapeutics. This can be used for treatment of several monogenic genetic diseases.

Work culture
Brave - is the word to define the work culture at Shire which has a dynamic environment. The firm is mission driven and believes in creating products that would help individuals with deadly diseases to lead better lives. The firm has operations worldwide and is ever ready to hire aspirant individuals who are willing to take the company to greater heights.
The working environment of this firm is truly positive that gives each employee his own space to research, experiment and grow. The employees at Shire enjoy number of benefits; some of which includes health insurance, flexible spending accounts, disability benefits, paid time off, employee assistance program, healthy lifestyle reimbursement, educational assistance, employee stock purchase plan, employee referral incentives, adoption assistance and the 401 (K) plan.

Interesting events
The firm is always in the public eye due its constant innovations and developments in the field of pharmacy. The year 2013 has indeed been an eventful year for this firm and the following list will prove the above mentioned fact.
• Shire will present at the Morgan Stanley Global Health Conference and the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Health Conference.
• In the mid of this year, the firm announced the launch of educational resource materials for individuals with diabetes.
• The firm also announced scholarship awards for individuals with ADHD.
• The drug named Vyanse got approval in the US for treatment of children and adolescents with ADHD.
• Earlier this year, the firm received approval in UK for yet another drug– Elvanse for treatment of children and adolescents with ADHD.

Recent job openings
The following is a list of job openings at Shire pharmaceuticals.
• Director, Pharmacovigilance and Risk management – id: 6348BR: In this, the individual will have the primary responsibility of managing the therapeutic division. The candidates need to have a post graduate degree and past experience in the relevant field.
• Controlled substance manager – id: 6360BR: The individual is responsible for managing the manufacturing, packaging, distribution and a warehouse site of the firm’s outsourcing business areas. The candidates should have past experience in handling DEA audits and inspections. Candidates interested in applying for this position should hold a graduate degree with past experience in relevant field.
• Associate Director, Controlled Substance Management – id: 6362BR: The individual will work directly with the outsourcing department of this firm. He is also responsible for providing appropriate support for conducting data analysis.
• Associate director, Risk management – id: 6350BR: In this, the individual will be responsible for reporting directly to the senior director of risk management. His responsibilities will include coordination, contribution and facilitation of plans related to risk management. The candidate should have past experience in pharmacy field and should be a graduate at the minimum.
• Director Compliance – id: 6154BR: In this, the individual will have to assist the vice president of compliance. This is an altogether newly created position in this firm and interested candidates should preferably be a law graduate with experience in implementation in commercial compliance programs.
• Director, Medical writing – id: 6065BR: The individual will be responsible for medical writing of the business projects. He would also be accountable for creating the marketing objectives of business proposals. The candidate should hold a doctorate degree in the relevant field.
• Senior Sales Analytics and reporting analyst – id: 6171BR: The individual will be responsible for the development and support of Veeva CRM solutions. The candidates should hold a graduate or equivalent degree in relevant field and should have experience in pharmaceutical industry.
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