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Hospira News and Popular Products
Hospira is a global US based pharmaceutical company that has its headquarters in Lake Forest, Illinois. The firm is also involved in manufacturing medical devices and is driven by the mission of “advancing wellness”. It has about 15,000 employees and is considered as the world’s largest manufacturer of generic injectable pharmaceuticals.
Long back, Hospira was a division of Abbott Laboratories and later on it moved out to function as an independent company. The products developed by this firm are used by the hospitals, home – care health providers, long term care facilities and clinics. Hospira is a member of NYSE and is traded as HSP.

Popular biotech products
As already stated, Hospira is the largest producer of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This explains that the list of products for both medical devices and pharmaceutical products would be endless. The following list will speak of some of the most popular and important products developed by this firm.
• Azithromycin
• Biosimilars
• Bupivacaine
• Cefazolin
• Claforan
• Clindamycin
• Dobutamine
• Erythropoietin
• Filgrastim
• Gentamicin
• Heparin
• Irinotecan
• Morphine
• Ondasetron
• Precedex
• Propofol
• Topotecan
• Vancomycin
• Zantac

The firm also produces medical devices for hospital and other similar health care centers. These are:
• Gemstar Sp
• Hospira Mednet software
• Lifecare PCA
• LIfeshield
• Plum A+
• Symbiq – an infusion system
• TheraDoc

Latest discoveries
Hospira is constantly at par with the latest innovations and developments taking place in the medical field. It is also involved in various development programs and produces latest products that are of benefit for the world at large.

Inflectra – is the first biosimilar monoclonal antibody developed by this firm to have received approval in Europe. This drug is indicated for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, plaque psoriasis and inflammatory bowel disorders.

Recent company takeovers
Hospira was earlier a division of Abbott Laboratories and later on in the year 2004 it took off to be an independent firm. The firm recognizes the importance of collaborations and partnerships with various firms for expanding their business and research areas. The following is a list of collaborations that have taken place recently:

• In the year 2007, the firm purchased Mayne Pharma Ltd., for $2.1 billion. Mayne is an Australian based firm and specializes in injectables. This collaboration widened Hospira’s international reach and also extended its research into the field of oncology.
• In the year 2009, Hospira collaborated with an Indian pharmaceutical firm named Pliva – Croatia. This collaboration was worth $400 million and widened the parent company’s reach in generic injectable pharmaceuticals. In the same year, the firm also joined hands with TheraDoc which is a clinical informatics company.
• The next year, 2010 also witnessed the partnership of Hospira with Javelin pharmaceuticals at $145 million.

Recent corporate news
The worldwide sales of Hospira in the year 2011 was recorded to be $ 4.1 billion.

Work culture
The work culture at Hospira is very positive and at the same time dynamic. It considers its employees as its assets and hands out monetary benefits and awards to them for their exemplary performance. The firm has several programs and health and medical benefits for its employees. These consist of Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), Health Savings Account (HAS), generously matched 401 (K) retirement savings plan, and plans for supporting the development and education programs.

Interesting events
Hospira with its constant efforts to carry out top quality research for developing world class pharmaceutical products and medical devices is always in the news. The current year has several upcoming interesting events. These are as follows:
• The firm will present at the Morgan Stanley Global Health Conference
• Hospira announces the first and second quarter financial results.
• The firm obtained exclusivity for one its products named Precedex meant for pediatrics.
• In the current year, the firm signed an International Distribution Agreement with Q Core for sapphire Infusion System.
• Hospira would also present its results and findings in upcoming conferences.
• Earlier in this year, the firm’s TheraDoc Infection Control Assistant was ranked number 1 in the KLAS report.

Recent job openings
Hospira is forever on the hunt for young and experienced individuals to join them in their research and develop new innovative products for the world at large. Following is a list of job openings available with this firm:
• Manager, Regulatory affairs, Medical Device: The individual is responsible for implementing the strategies and listing down the priorities. He should also be competent enough to analyze the risks as well as the benefits in developing strategies for manufacturing medical devices. For applying for this position, the individual should hold at least a bachelors degree in life science, but a master degree holder will be given preference.
• Director, Program management: The individual will be responsible for ensuring on time delivery of the multiple programs for development of new products and would also be accountable for architecting of the products. For applying for this job opening, the individual should have more than 10 years of experience in industry and should also have strong leadership skills.
• Director, Global safety Operations: In this, the individual will have to lead a team of analysts and is responsible for the quality as well as on time delivery of the devices for FDA regulatory reports. Candidates applying for this job should have a bachelor’s degree in health or technical field. The individual should also have a minimum of 5 years of experience in health care environment and should also possess knowledge of FDA regulated business.
• Senior manager, Global inspections: In this the individual will have to directly work at the manufacturing sites to inspect the entire manufacturing process of the products. He would also be responsible for development and implementation of global strategies and global model for an effective internal audit program. Candidates who wish to apply for this position should have a minimum of 7 – 10 years of industrial experience and should posses’ strong influential skills to convince the stakeholders.
• Principal engineer: In this the individual will function as an important team member in the R&D department. The candidates should have 10 – 15 years of experience in Engineering or should also have 4 – 8 years in MS.
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