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Caprion Pharmaceuticals News and Latest Discoveries
Caprion pharmaceutical was established in the year 1998 in Montreal (Canada) and mainly provides proteomics biomarker and target identification services to the world at large. Through its 10 years of integrated approach, it develops in – vitro diagnostics for diseases such as diabetes, infectious diseases, oncology and disorders related to the central nervous system. It also has developed several drug target therapies such as the oncology – cell surface targets and vaccine for various infectious diseases. It has its headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

[Image: cci.gif]

Popular biotech products
One of its most popular biotech products in the area of target discovery is CellCarta. This is a spectrometry which is gel free and it also has label free mass. This allows comprehensive measurement of protein across huge sets of biological samples. The firm also develops various pharmacodynamic biomarkers for testing the drug efficacy, determination of drug dosage, safety aspects and mechanism of action. It also develops several disease markers for diagnostic purpose and surrogates for clinical response to therapies. Its area of expertise also lies in development of predictive biomarkers for testing the efficacy, safety and clinical outcome.

Latest discoveries
The firm has developed novel technologies of protein biomarkers that facilitate the process of decision making and clinical development. Of its latest discoveries, the company has developed shigabams for the treatment of bacterial infections caused due to shiga toxin.

Caprion pharmaceutical has active programs, mainly in 3 broad areas: infectious diseases, oncology and metabolic disease. The areas under study for infectious disease include tuberculosis, brucellosis, vaccine response and dengue. Under oncology, the firm develops products for lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and neuro - endocrine cancer. For metabolic diseases, the firm manufactures products for β – cell mass function, diabetes drug response and insulin resistance.

Recent company takeovers
Caprion pharmaceuticals has attained its success and achievements with sheer hard work and subsequent collaboration with other firms. In the year 2007, the firm joined hands with Thallion pharmaceuticals for intensifying its field to development of novel technologies for oncology and infectious diseases.

In the year 2005, the firm entered into joint collaboration with ICOS Corporation for widening its area of research. This collaboration leads to the development of therapeutic antibodies for treating cancer.
Caprion pharmaceuticals also entered into partnership with several other firms such as Abbott laboratories, Biogen Idec, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Merk & Co and ortho clinical diagnostics.

Work culture
The work environment at Caprion pharmaceuticals is dynamic and at the same time very positive. It encourages the staff to produce new and innovative methods that would be useful for the public at large. The firm is a proud owner of a strong and dynamic team of workers.

The firm gives credit of it success and achievements to its team workers and considers them as their assets. Caprion pharmaceuticals is on the constant look out for young and dynamic individuals who can take the firm to new horizons.

Interesting events
Caprion pharmaceuticals has received several awards and recognition due to its achievements in the field of pharmacy. The following list speaks of the achievements the company has received.
• The firm has received award a 5 – year $ 12.9 million contract for conducting research in the area of infectious diseases. It has received the award by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious disease.
• It has been awarded a 3 – year contract worth $2.3 million by the CQDM for discovery and validation of biomarkers.
• In collaboration with Takeda the firm is carrying out a program for identification of proteins that has been secreted from visceral and abdominal fat.
• The firm is also conducting a neuro – endocrine tumor program. This program is carried out in partnership with INCI. It is receiving funds from CQDM and Alsace – Bio valley. This program would primarily focus on discovery as well as validation of biomarkers for neuro – endocrine cancers.

Recent job openings
The firm is forever on the hunt for individuals who are logical and analytical in their thinking. The following is a list discussing about the various areas of expertise required by Caprion pharmaceuticals.
1. Controller: In this, the individual will have to prepare reports and support the development, implementation as well as the maintenance of the necessary procedures. Applications for this position would require individuals to have more than 10 years of experience and preferably be a chartered accountant.
2. Scientific director: The individual is in a way representative of both the business and scientific aspects of the firm. They would handle the overseas operations and conduct research as and when required. For applying as a scientific director, the individuals need to be doctorate in immunology and should have more than 10 years of experience.
3. Bioinformatics specialist: Individuals need to have experience in the field of bioinformatics, flow cytometry and proteomics. They are also responsible for documentation of work flows and implementation of quality control measures as well. For applying for the post of bioinformatics specialist, the individuals need to have experience in programming language such as C, C++ and Java. They also need to effectively use SQL and ORACLE.
4. Biosample operations manager: The individual is responsible for organizing and maintaining a detailed orientation of all the operational activities concerned with collection, shipment and delivery of biosamples. They need to have a degree in DEC and should have experience in site qualification, lab manual writing and working with LIMS. The candidate should also be able to communicate effectively, have influential skills, and have experience with Microsoft excel.
5. Flow cytometry technician: The individual is responsible for ensuring that the technical systems in the cytometry laboratory are working efficiently and accurately. They also need to maintain a proper documentation of the cytometry lab reports. For applying to the post of flow cytometry technician, the individual should have experience in the field of cytometry and should possess knowledge of LSR II and Diva software. The individual should also have an expertise in solving both hardware and software related problems of cytomtery. It is also necessary, that the individual should be able to handle and work efficiently under pressure.
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