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Alexion pharmaceuticals news and popular products
Alexion pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical firm founded in the year 1992, aimed at developing innovative drugs for treatment of severe, deadly and rare disorders. The scientists of Alexion were the first to unlock the terminal component of a group of proteins that plays a vital role in the body’s immune system. These proteins if not controlled can even lead to destruction of healthy tissues.

The first product developed by this firm was Soliris. This product is indicated in treatment of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) and the drug is approved in more than 40 countries. Alexion pharmaceuticals has it’s headquarter in Cheshire, Connecticut.

Popular biotech products
Soliris (eculizumab) is the drug meant for treating patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PHN). This drug has received FDA approval and is the first of its kind to unblock the terminal component of proteins. PHN is characterized by hemolysis – rapid destruction of red blood cells. It is a life threatening and progressive disease that can cause damage to the body’s vital organs such as kidneys and heart. The major and acute complications of this disease include kidney failure, heart attack and ultimately death.

The work Soliris is basically target – based. It works by attacking that part of the protein cascade which if activated in the wrong manner can give rise to a series of reactions inside the body that can lead to PHN.

Recent company takeovers
The firm has acquired its success and achievements through hard work and through mergers and acquisitions with various firms. Mergers and acquisitions with various companies allows the parent company to expand its area of research and in a way widen its drug development work.
The firm’s first acquisition was in the year 2000, when it joined hands with Proliferon Inc., another biopharmaceutical firm at $ 41 million. This firm was then renamed as Alexion Antibody Technologies Inc. Proliferon firm could produce indefinite amount of antibodies which was the major reason of its acquisition by Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

In the year 2011, Alexion entered into a merger with Enobia Pharma Corporation at $610 million which was paid at the time of merger. Later on a sum of $470 million was to be paid as contingent on company sales. The firm Enobia developed drug known as asfotase alfa which is used for treating genetic disorders such as hypophosphatasia.

Recent corporate news
Alexion became the member of NASDAQ – 100 in the year 2011. In the same year it had market value of $ 8.5 billion due to which it replaced the Genzyme Corporation.

Work culture
Alexion is an equal opportunity employer. The work culture in this firm is very positive and vibrant. The company is on the constant look out for individuals who would carry their firm to newer heights.

The firm provides a variety of benefits for its employees. The benefits include employee assistance program, tuition assistance, flexible spending accounts, 529 college savings plan, insurance for automobile and homeowners, prescription drug coverage, 410 (K) plan and long term disability plan.

Interesting events
The firm Alexion is constantly in the limelight due its constant efforts to bring out the best drugs through great research work. Its work has been acclaimed due to its wonder discoveries that have made possible the treatment of severe life threatening diseases.
The year 2013 has been an eventful year for Alexion pharmaceuticals. The following is the list of events that have taken place for this firm:
• The firm announced its second quarter results in this year.
• This wonder drug – Soliris received positive opinion from the Committee for Orphan medicinal products for the treatment of NMO. The drug Soliris also received the title of “Orphan drug”.
The year 2012 was also a year of real achievement for Alexion pharmaceuticals. It was in this year, that the firm was honored with the title of “Biotech’s New Innovation Powerhouse”. In the same year the firm received the second rank in the annual list of “The World’s Most Innovative Companies”.

Recent job openings
The company is on a hunt for young, committed, experienced and dynamic individuals who with their research skills and hard work can take their firm to new, unfathomable heights. The current positions available include marketing, clinical development, research, support functions and manufacturing. Interested candidates are asked to investigate the company’s website and look out for the job vacancies. The following is a list of job opportunities for the candidates:
Job opportunities in Birmingham
• Regional account manager
Job opportunities in Cambridge
• Associate director
• Manager
• Medical director
• Senior financial analysts
• Senior statistical programmer
• Manager regulatory liaison
Job opportunities in Cheshire, CT
• Associate director – corporate communications, corporate GxP audit, drug product manufacturing, global clinical supply, global medical value assessment, sourcing, regulatory affairs, non clinical PK/PD/DM.
• Director regional clinical specialist
• Customer operations representative
• Data integration engineer
• Developmental scientist
• Director us marketing
• Director internal audit, internal communications, global hematology marketing.
• HR systems administrator
• Manager, corporate quality
• Manager, internal audit, regulatory liaison, regulatory operations.
• Research associate
• Research scientists – molecular sciences, protein sciences
• Senior director – global information security
• Senior manager – global market research, clinical quality assurance, hematology marketing
• Senior statistical programmer
Job opportunities in Las Vegas
• Regional accounts manager - biotechnology, oncology and hematology
Job opportunities in Orlando
• Regional accounst manager – biotechnology, oncology and hematology
Job opportunities in Providence
• Regional accounts manager – oncology, pharmaceutical sales and biotechnology
Job opportunities in Raleigh
• Regional accounts manager – oncology, hematology sales and biotechnology
Job opportunities in Smithfield
• Associate director – process automation and maintenance and building services
• Engineer I
• GMP trainer
• Maintenance and instrumentation technician
• Manufacturing associate I, II and III
• Manufacturing specialist
• QA engineer and specialist
• QC analyst I - stability, IV – technical services
• QC equipment technician
• Validation technician
• Senior quality engineer

Interested candidates can apply for the above jobs based on their educational qualification and experience in the respective fields. It is also advised that the individuals be vigilant about the job openings and should apply either through email or by posting their resume at the website. Selected candidates will be called upon for an interview and if selected will be screened for the final selection process.
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