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Forest laboratories USA - News and Latest Discoveries
Forest laboratories is a pharmaceutical firm aimed at developing therapeutic drugs for the treatment of various kinds of diseases. Reaching out to the unreached and meeting the medical needs of the unmet is the motto of this firm.

Forest laboratories took birth in the year 1954 and has its headquarters in New York City, US. It is traded as NYSE and has more than 5,600 employees. The firm also operates from various other cities of St. Louis, Oakland, Dublin, Paris, Kent, Jersey City and Cincinnati. Forest ranks as one of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies worldwide (Pharmaceutical Executive magazine, May 2013)

"Our strategies would be without value if it were not for the thousands of employees who help to create and bring life to our company. It is due to their tenacity, skill, and hard work that we owe our success" is what the Howard Solomon Chairman, CEO & President says.

Popular Biotech products

These diverse ranges of therapeutic products are meant for treating various disease conditions such as disorders of the central nervous system, respiratory, endocrinology, respiratory diseases, anti – infective therapeutics, gastrointestinal and obstetrics.

Latest discoveries
The company’s main goal is to serve the public at large by developing innovative therapeutic drugs for various disease conditions. With this motto, Forest Laboratories is constantly innovating new products and conducts 3 phases of clinical trials for testing the efficacy of these products.

The following is a list of products that have been recently developed for treating disease conditions such as various infectious diseases, pulmonary disorders, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and mental health disorders.
• Cariprazine for treating bipolar disease
• Bystolic valsartan for treatment of hypertension
• Tudorza for treating COPD
• Azimilide indicated for treatment of arrhythmia – irregular heart beats
• Ceftazidime for treating infectious disease conditions
• Namendra for treating Alzheimer’s disease

All the above mentioned drugs have either been approved by the NDA or have completed the phase III of clinical trials.

Recent company takeovers
Forest laboratories is a mid – sized firm that develops and markets therapeutic products covering a wide range of diseases. The firm has entered into partnerships with several other firms for expanding its business as well as widening its area of research to develop the best drugs for the world at large. Acquisitions and merger helps a firm to enter into new research areas and develop products that can be beneficial for the public.

Work culture
The work culture at Forest laboratories is pretty positive and vibrant with an enormous group of energetic employees who are ready to undertake any task with passion. With each collaboration, the firm works in a close knit fashion with its partners to make sure the end product is flawless and one of its kind. The firm considers its employees as its strength and pillars of success.

Forest laboratories also offer its employees a number of benefits that is enough for financially securing their future. These benefits include profit sharing program and the 410 (K) plans. It also has special provision for holidays and vacations for its employees so that they can take rest and recharge their minds and body for delivering the best to the company and in turn to the society at large. The firm also offers several family benefit programs that include new mom and baby programs, parental leave, adoption and fertility assistance program, so and so forth.

Interesting events
Forest laboratories is constantly striving to deliver the best therapeutic products for treatment of various disease conditions. These continuous efforts have caused them to always be in the limelight that has given them the much needed attention and success. The following is a list of interesting events for the current year - 2013.
• The firm in partnership with Almirall decides to delay the NDA filing of a drug – Aclidinium.
• Forest laboratories together with Pierre Fabre laboratories announce the FDA approval of Fetzima that is indicated for treatment of depressive disorders in adults.
• The firm reported its fiscal year first quarter 2014 diluted earnings value of $0.09 per share.
• The firm in the current year announced the positive results of the phase III clinical trial for the drug Nebivolol and valsartan in combination for treatment of hypertension.
• The current year – 2013 also witnessed the availability of new once – daily Namendra X.
• In the month of June, 2013, the firm appointed its new independent director and also provided a detailed report on the succession planning.
• In the month of May, 2013, Forest laboratories presented its data on the clinical trials of the drug Aclidinium Bromide and Roflumilast at the International conference of American Thoracic Society (ATS).

Recent job openings
Forest laboratories is open for experienced and vibrant individuals who with their hard work and research skills would take the firm to fathomable heights in the future. The interested candidates can drop in their resume at The firm also has several provisions for seasonal internship programs for students and also for experienced professionals. Forest offers a variety of opportunities and career paths that span a broad spectrum of strengths, expertise, and interests. If you would like to build your career with a company that is consistently recognized in industry rankings as a top pharmaceutical company.
The following are the available positions for the professionals:

-Pharmaceutical Sales Representative - Palm Springs, CA (Field/Remote)
-Pharmaceutical Sales Representative - Grapevine, TX (Field/Remote)
-Associate Business Information Manager - (NJ - Jersey City)

Individuals are requested to apply with the job id mentioned on the company’s website. They can also search the careers and opportunities section in the website and click on the available and preferred positions for more details on a specific opening or position. Selected candidates will be called for an interview and will be screened as per the company’s recruitment process.
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