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Celgene Corporation - News, Products and Work Culture
Celgene is an American biotechnology firm develops pharmaceutical products for battling diseases such as cancer and several inflammatory disorders. This pharmaceutical firm has more than 4,500 employees across the globe and has its headquarters in Summit, New Jersey. The firm has undertaken more than 300 clinical trials for studying the effectiveness of the newly developed drugs.

The company laid its foundation in the year 1986 and was primarily a part of Celanese Corporation. During this year, the merger of Celanese Corporation and American Hoechst Corporation caused Celgene Corporation to operate as an independent biotechnological firm. Celgene Corporation is mission driven – manufacturing and developing therapeutic products for life threatening diseases such as cancer.

Celgene Corporation is a member of NASDAQ and S&P 500 component. The firm is traded as CELG and receives royalty from Novartis Pharma for its products of Ritalin family. These drugs are used for treatment of Attention Deficit Disorders.

Popular biotech products
The two major biotech products of Celgene Corporation are Thalamid and Ritalin. Thalomid is used for treatment of acute and severe ENL. This drug is indicated in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma. It is also used for maintenance therapy for prevention and suppression of cutaneous manifestations. This drug has also several side effects and should be used with precautions. Females on this drug should abstain from sexual intercourse for at least 4 weeks to avoid getting pregnant. The other popular biotech products include:
• Pomalyst
• Vidaza
• Lifebank USA – for banking of placental and cord blood
• Revlimid
• Abraxane
• Isodax

Latest discoveries
Celgene Corporation is constantly carrying out research for developing oral therapies that can be used for treating the disease and not just its clinical symptoms. The scientists and physicians are the pioneers of this corporation and have a major contribution in development of both cell based and small – molecule therapies. These therapies are targeted towards development of drugs that would treat life threatening diseases such as cancer and several inflammatory disease conditions.

The drugs developed by Celgene Corporation have proved to be very effective against cancer and several other immune inflammatory diseases. However, it needs special mention here that, drugs have their own course of reaction in the body that can cause certain side effects. Side effects reported are deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Of the several drugs developed by this firm, pomalyst is one drug that had shown to cause the above mentioned side effects. When clinical trials were conducted with pomalyst, prophylactic anti-thrombotic measures were administered.

These anti-cancer drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy as they can cause fetal toxicity.

Recent company takeovers
Celgene Corporation has participated in several company mergers that have allowed the firm to manufacture and develop pharmaceutical drugs. The firm joined hands with Abraxis Bioscience in the year 2010 and gave birth to the drug Abraxane. The same year witnessed the merger of Celgene Corporation and Gloucester pharmaceuticals which led to the development of Istodax.

In the year 2012, Celgene and Avila pharmaceuticals signed an agreement for developing targeted covalent drugs aimed for treating cancer and other related disease through protein silencing. The merger of these two firms was worth $350 million. Celgene was also to receive an additional amount of $195 million on approval of AVL 292.

These products have several immunomodulatory and biological properties that have a pivotal role to play in treatment of cancer. In addition to this, these drugs also have anti – inflammatory and cellular properties that have targeted action towards the tumor cells and other immune-inflammatory diseases.

Recent corporate news
Of late Celgene Corporation announced the offering of senior unsecured notes at $1.5 billion. Of these, about $400 million will mature in the year 2018 and will have an interest rate of 2.300%. $700 million will mature in the year 2023 and have interest rate of 4%.

Work culture
The work culture at Celgene Corporation is positive and dynamic and the firm is ever striving hard to develop new and innovative therapeutics for treating cancer. It also participates in several programs that offer services to public who have very limited access to medical facilities.
Celgene considers the employees as its assets. The employees are a diverse group of people consisting of the scientists, PhD, clinical research scientists, lab technicians, regulatory experts, clinical coordinators, financial personnel, nurses, pharmacists and human resource managers. The employers are dedicated and hardworking, who also give their best to develop and deliver pharmaceutical drugs for the millions of individuals across the globe. The diverse group of talented employees allows the company to work in a balanced way.

Celgene is blessed with choicest of employees who are masters in their respective fields and are highly qualified. The firm provides appropriate training to its employees so that they can grow and take the company to new heights with each passing year.

Interesting events
Each year has been a remarkable year for Celgene Corporation. The European Commission granted approval for the drug Pomalidomide in the year 2013. This drug has been formulated for treating patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma, which is a rare form of blood cancer. This drug Pomalidomide is been considered as a novel achievement in the area of drug pharmacy. This drug has been proved to be effective in treating the rare form of blood cancer by preventing its relapse.

The research data on studies of revlimid in high risk asymptomatic patients with multiple myeloma was published in the New England journal of medicine.

Recent job openings
Celgene Corporation is forever on the search for new, dynamic, highly qualified and hard working individuals who can take their firm and its research to new heights. The firm requires hard working employees who can carry out research with full dedication and perseverance. Individuals who have analytical minds and can carry out research for developing innovative products for the benefit of society at large. Interested individuals can drop in their resume and wait for the interview call. The recruiters will screen the individuals for the final selection process.
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Celgene Corporation has set its foot marks in many countries across the globe. Some of the countries where Celgene has its operations are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Espana, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America and Europe.

The job opportunities in Celgene Corporation cover different fields and they are listed below.

Biostat jobs: Bioinformatics, Biostatiscian

Clinical field: Clinical data related jobs, Quality assurance, Scientist, Operations, Clinical Researcher and Scientist

Information Technology: Quality Assurance and Information Security related jobs

Finance: Accountant/Accounting, Internal Auditors, Tax related jobs

Manufacturing and Technical Operations: Materials (Manufacturing and Management), Operations, Warehouse related jobs

Marketing: Market Research jobs and product marketing

Medical Affairs: Medical information

Regulatory: Compliance and regulatory affairs related jobs

Research / Scientist: People chosen their career in Biotechnology must keep looking for various job opportunities posted by Celgene Corporation in the Research/ Scientist category. Enlisted below are the details of the jobs and the current available positions in the category Research/scientist.

Science related jobs
Location: Switzerland
Current vacancies: 12
Location: Chicago
Current vacancies: 2

Stem cell jobs
Current vacancies: 3 (including 1 post Doctoral Fellowship)

Biotech Related opportunities
Location: New Jersey
Current vacancies: 20
Location: Switzerland
Current vacancies: 2

Field of Chemistry
Location: New Jersey
Current vacancies: 7
Location: Switzerland
Current vacancies: 10

Research (Oncology): Total number of vacancies is 22 including job roles like Scientist, Manager and post doctoral fellowship

Research (Pharmaceutical): vacancies for 11 different posts

The applications for the advertised jobs can be sent online by visiting the company’s website. There is also a service rendered by Celgene Corporation in your job search. Yes you can receive job alerts in your inbox by joining the Celgene Corporations Talent community.

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