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ARIAD Pharmaceuticals - Products, Discoveries, Events and more
ARIAD pharmaceuticals is a global oncology firm that laid its foundation in the year 1991 at the hands of Larry Bock, David Blech and Harvey Berger. This firm is solely based on researching and developing drugs for treating cancer. The types of cancer that form the core areas of research for developing new medicines include acute and chronic leukemia, lung cancer and other forms of difficult – to – treat cancer.
ARIAD pharmaceuticals has its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Luasanne. This pharmaceutical firm develops small molecular drugs that are effective for treating even the most difficult forms of cancers. The drugs are developed using structural and computational methodologies.

ARIAD pharmaceutical is a member of NASDAQ and is symbolized as ARIA.

Popular biotech products
Inclusig is a drug developed by ARIAD pharmaceuticals for treatment of leukemia. This medication is indicated in patients suffering from chronic, accelerated or blast – phase myeloid leukemia (CML). Patients who are put on Inlcusig must have exhibited intolerance or resistance to prior tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI). Individuals who did not show a positive response to tyrosine kinase inhibitor are given Inclusig drugs. However, so far no clinical trials have confirmed the positive aspects of Inclusig in patients with leukemia. Inclusig also did not confirm any improvement in the clinical signs and symptoms of leukemia and neither did it increase the survival rate of patients.

Latest discoveries
ARIAD pharmaceutical is expanding its areas of research for testing the efficacy of two drugs namely Inclusig and AP26113 in treatment of various types of cancer. So far, the drug Inclusig has received approval from FDA for treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia and Ph + ALL.
The Inclusig drug has been reported to give rise to several side effects. Clinical trials have reported that patients treated with Inclusig drug have suffered from arterial thrombosis, peripheral vascular thrombosis, myocardial infarction, stroke and cerebrovascular thrombosis. In addition to these cardiovascular diseases, Inclusig was also found to be the causative agent for liver toxicity, liver failure and death in patients. It has therefore been advised to constantly monitor the cardiac and liver functioning of patients treated with Inclusig. Deterioration in the functioning of these organs calls for immediate action which can also cause stoppage of Inclusig drug.

The drug AP26113 is a unique drug discovered by the firm and has certain unique genetic features that have targeted action against cancer cells. This is a small molecule drug that has been formulated for killing tumor cells of non-small cell lung cancer. ROS1 is molecular target agent found in non-small cell lung cancer; the drug AP26113 has shown to be effective against ROS1. However several clinical trials are required to further validate the effectiveness of this drug against ROS1.

Recent corporate news
During the year 2013, the net recorded sales of inclusig were $13.9 million by the quarter end. An increase in the cash equivalents and marketable securities was raised from $351.9 million to $398.3 million. It has been estimated that by the end of this year, the cash equivalents and marketable securities will range from $200 to $210 million.
The net loss recorded for the quarter end of 2013 was about $69 million and the cash used in operations was $245 million to $255 million. It has also been estimated that the new drug AP26113 is expected to create sales of $1 billion if the clinical trials get successful.

ARIAD pharmaceutical also conducts regular investors meetings for making corporate presentations. The month of September will witness a series of corporate presentations hosted by ARIAD pharmaceuticals.

Work culture
The work culture at ARIAD pharmaceutical has always been very positive with a strong determination of making a remarkable impact in developing drugs effective against cancer. In its journey of almost 2 decades, the firm has received recognition and has been honored with several business awards for outstanding performance. ARIAD pharmaceuticals is a power house of intellectual and passion driven individuals who can strive to any extent to deliver the best and superior quality products for cancer patients.

The year 2013 has really been an eventful year for ARIAD pharmaceuticals. The firm has been awarded with “The 2013 Ernst and young entrepreneur biotech award” for its entrepreneurs for their exceptional performance in the field of developing wonder drugs to fight cancer. The firm has also been a recipient of “The 2013 Gold Stevie award” for the company of year and “The 2013 Gold Stevie award” for the executive of the year. The Stevie awards are the nation’s premier business awards program.

Interesting events
The year 2013 is scheduled to witness some very important events for ARIAD pharmaceuticals.
• The firm released its second quarter financial results on the 7th of August, 2013. The same day, they also presented the corporate updates for the same year.
• The annual meeting of European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) has been scheduled on 27th of September to 1st of October 2013. This annual event will be held at Amsterdam, Netherlands.
• The 15th World conference on lung cancer has been scheduled from the 27th to 30th of October, 2013 at Sydney, Australia.

Recent job openings
ARIAD pharmaceuticals is always on the hunt for dynamic, passionate and highly qualified individuals who would take their firm to new horizons. Candidates who wish to bring a positive impact in the lives of cancer patients are most welcome to join the firm. Individuals who are hard working, dedicated and passion driven can carry out new research programs and develop new drugs for treating cancers. Interested individuals need to simply drop in their resume and wait for the recruitment process. Individuals can mail their resume at and wait for a call from the recruiters.
ARIAD pharmaceuticals has several benefit programs for their employees. These include long term equity, stock options, employee stock purchase plan, tuition reimbursement, 401 (K) plan, holidays, paid time off, employee referral bonus, pass for public transportation, insurance of dental health, medical insurance and life insurance. The employees of this firm are also given benefits for short term and long term disability, long term care insurance and employee assistance program.
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