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Alcon Labs - Latest News and Company Profile
Alcon is a renowned pharmaceutical company for eye health care based in USA. This company laid its solid foundation in the year 1945 with a small ophthalmic shop. Ever since 1945 Alcon has achieved considerable amount of success and it has grown to become the second largest division of Novartis. This company has both pharmaceutical and surgical options in eye health for all age groups. Be it any eye – related conditions or disease, Alcon will have “the answer”.

Known for its wide variety and super quality eye care products, Alcon has more than 24,000 associates across 75 countries. The company was jointly owned by two pharmacists namely, Robert Alexander and William Coner when they opened their first small pharmacy and named it Alcon (Al of Alexander and Con of Coner).

The year 1950, was a year of real achievement for Alcon Labs; the company released its first two ophthalmic products – Opthalzin that was meant for treating eye infections and Zincfrin for treating red and itchy eyes. In the year 1953, Alcon introduced the dropper – dispensing eye drop bottle, which is now being used by all pharmaceutical companies for bottling eye care products.

Alcon has basically three core business areas: surgical, pharmaceutical and vision care. Its products are globally available in over 180 markets. The journey does not end here; the firm is forever aspiring to do research and more research to bring out world class eye products that would enable better vision to the world and keep all kinds of eye diseases at bay.

Alcon works with the mission of better vision and disease – free eye sight for all!!

Popular biotech products
Products manufactured and developed by Alcon Labs are all based on improving the quality of vision for all age groups. Below is a list of few products developed by the company:
• Acrysert delivery system
• Acrysof IQ IOLs
• Acrysof – multipeice IOLs – posterior convex IOL and expand series IOLs
• Acrysof restor / IQ restor IOLs
• Anterior chamber lenses
• Alomide ophthalmic solution
• Air optix aqua contact lenses
• Aqualase solution
• Azopt ophthalmic solution
• Betadine ophthalmic preparation
• BSS irrigating solution
• Cellugel ophthalmic ointment
• Duovisc viscoelastic system
• Emadine ophthalmic solution
• Flarex ophthalmic solution
• Focus dailies
• Freshlook toric colorblends
• Genteal lubricating eye drops
• Icaps eye vitamin
• Iopidine ophthalmic solution
• Isopto ophthalmic solution
• Kelman multiflex III PMMA single – piece anterior chamber lenses
• Maxidex ophthalmic suspension
• Simbrinza

The latest drug released in the year 2013, is the Ilevro which is a nepafenac ophthalmic suspension for treating the post surgical cataract procedure. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that would also ease out the inflammation caused due to cataract surgery. Simbrinza and ilevro are the two latest drug discoveries by Alcon labs.

Recent company takeovers
Since its inception, each and every year has been quite eventful for Alcon Labs. Focusing on the latest news, the company joined hands with Novartis in the year 2011. This merger allowed Alcon Labs to partner with leading eye care brands of the world and take their research and development of eye care products to newer heights.

Next, the company entered into legal agreement with ThromboGenics in 2012 for commercializing ocriplasmin outside US.

In the same year, Alcon acquired Endure medical systems for widening its area of expertise in the field of cataract and vitroretinal surgeries. One of the latest innovations in instruments for carrying out cataract surgery is the LuxOr Opthalmic microscope that provides better intraoperative visualization.

It also attained the ophthalmic division of Sensomotoric instruments making way for the company to enter in the area of ocular surgical guidance technology. Ocular surgical guidance technology has enabled the surgeons to carry out the most complicated eye surgeries with ease.

Recent corporate news
Alcon is the second largest division of the Novartis group and it had proforma sales of about $10.2 billion in the year 2012.
Alcon labs provides incredible support to the “Lifeline Express” – a program supported by the Ministry of health, ministry of railways and many other notable organizations. This program offers free cataract surgery, and treats about more than 12,000 cataract patients every year.

Work culture
Work culture at Alcon Labs is very professional and the company is loaded with dynamic and hardworking individuals who strive very hard to take the company forward. The employers are allowed to move out of Alcon and join other divisions of the parent Company – Novartis.
Developing new and innovative eye care products is the main motto of this firm. Not only eye disease, but several eye conditions such as refractive errors of all kinds can be treated with eye products of Alcon Labs.

Alcon labs is mission – driven: they develop innovative products for eye health thereby improving the quality of life. Name any disease or conditions of the eye, and Alcon has a solution to it. Alcon is your partner throughout your eye life cycle.

Interesting events
In the year 2013, Alcon has come up with a new product – Simbrinza approved by the FDA as a combination therapy for patients with glaucoma. This product is a beta – blocker and offers a broad spectrum that can be useful for patients in any stage of glaucoma disease. The main quality of Simbrinza is its effectiveness in decreasing the intraocular pressure by about 21 – 35%.

In the same year, Alcon launches the hardware and software upgrades for the Infinit vision system.

In the year 2012, Alcon celebrated 30 years of undivided and successful partnership with ORBIS international. This partnership reminds us of the main aim of Alcon to eradicate preventable blindness from the country.

Recent job openings
Alcon labs welcomes new and vibrant individuals to join its firm and do justice with their mission. The professional environment prevalent at Alcon labs makes it possible for them to carry on the good and innovative work year after year. Interested individuals can post their resumes on the website and wait for a call from the recruiters. Selected candidates are sure to have a great future at Alcon Labs. Of late there are quite a few job openings available with Alcon Labs. Interested candidates can get details from the official website.
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