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Bayer Healthcare - News and Company Profile
Bayer healthcare pharmaceutical is a division of Bayer AG. This company develops and manufactures pharmaceutical products for improving the quality of life by healthy management of chronic disease conditions.
In the United States, Bayer healthcare takes care of the following areas concerning human health: diagnostic imaging, women’s healthcare, hematology, neurology, oncology and general medicine.

Bayer healthcare functions with the motto of early diagnosis, management and treatment of chronic disease conditions which in a way will guarantee better quality of life. Early diagnosis is the key to enhanced and effective treatment of disease conditions. Bayer healthcare does in no way promise absolute cure of a disease, but it promises, effective management by easy diagnosis of certain diseases.
Bayer healthcare also has hands on expertise in animal health, consumer care and diabetes management. It has its headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany with the pharmaceutical and animal health division based in that country. The medical care and consumer care department is in Tarry town - New York, and Morristown, USA respectively. It has a strength of 50, 000 employees worldwide.

The medical health department mainly comprises of developing glucose meters for better and effective management of diabetes. Not just this, Bayer healthcare also has its expertise in manufacturing contrast – enhanced diagnostic imaging equipment necessary for treatment of constricted blood vessels.

Popular biotech products
Bayer healthcare has many biotech products. The following is a list of popular products:
• Bataferon
• Kognate
• Yasmin
• Nexavar
• Contour
• Mirena
• Adalat
• Advantage product line
• Aspirin
• Avalox
• Aspirin cardio
• Glucobay
• Ultravist
• Aleve
• Xarelto
• Levitra
• Bepanthen
• Lopamiron
• Cipro
• Magnevist

Latest discoveries
Bayer healthcare is always committed to deliver the best services to mankind. It has made a significant contribution in the management of diabetes. Of its latest discoveries, Bayer’s new contour next EZ blood glucose monitoring system has received approval from FDA in the year 2012. This blood glucose monitoring system is easy to use and gives the most accurate results. The machine can be operated by individuals without any formal training and is portable, which means it can be taken anywhere. The test can be done with a single finger prick and provides the accurate blood glucose levels.

Recent company takeovers
Each and every year has been eventful for Bayer healthcare. The company has partnered with several organizations and firms to extend its area of research and has strived to bring out with best medical and health care products for the public at large. The following is a list which details the recent accomplishments and collaborations of Bayer healthcare.

• In the year 2011, it joined hands with Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for extending its area of research for developing new treatment modes for treating myocardial insufficiency.

• The year 2012 witnessed the collaboration of Bayer healthcare and Amgen research GmbH. The purpose of this collaboration was to study the efficacy of a new bispecific T-cell engager (BiTE) antibody against multiple tremors.

• In the same year – 2012, Bayer healthcare opened a new center in the United States, for young bioscience firms. This would enable various upcoming firms to develop new areas of research for treating various diseases and would open new avenues for future collaborations.

• In the year 2012, Bayer healthcare joined hands with Evotec AG which would allow the companies to carry out a 5 – year research plan to target molecules for treating endometriosis.

• In October 2012, Bayer healthcare and Qiagen Manchester Ltd entered into a collaboration for developing companion diagnostics that would focus on molecular in-vitro tests.

Recent corporate news
The operating profit for the year 2012 was 2,154 Euro million. The sales (2012) for the health care division rose to 18,612 Euro million.
The pharmaceutical division saw a rise in its sales from 9,949 Euro million in 2011 to 10, 803 Euro million in 2012. Bayer healthcare business is doing exceptionally well in North America.

The sales for the medical division also raised from 2,500 Euro million in 2011 to 2,653 Euro million in 2012. The increase in sales also occurred for the animal healthcare and consumer care. The change in sales was recorded to be +9.9% and +9.0% respectively.

Work culture
The working environment and culture at Bayer healthcare is very professional and at the same time vibrant. The company considers its employees as their asset and provides the appropriate training to them which enables them to keep growing and become good in their respective fields. Needless to mention, Bayer healthcare has experienced professionals who work with passion and dedication to deliver their best to the world. In other words, Bayer healthcare is a powerhouse of experienced and vibrant professionals.

Interesting events
FDA provided approval to Bayer’s riociguat for 2 forms of pulmonary hypertension in the year 2013. In the same year, VEGF trap-eye met the primary end point in 2 phase 3 trials for treatment of diabetic macular edema. Bayer healthcare joins hands with Compugen for conducting new cancer immunotherapy.

Recent job openings
See what Bayer Healthcare employees have to say about the company ...

Job openings are available at US and even at other centers across the globe. Bayer healthcare is always on the lookout for vibrant individuals who are dedicated and hardworking. Interested individuals can study the company’s website for details and apply for jobs based on their skills. The website will give you a better idea about the company’s profile, its expertise and the kind of work it does. This will enable the individuals to decide whether Bayer is the right choice for them or not. If interested, they can create a profile and look out for job openings. They can even search the job database for available positions and fill up the application.
Interested candidates can drop in their resume and wait for a call from the recruiters. If the individuals meet the company’s criteria then they will be called for interview and screened as per the norms.

Bayer communities are available at Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln. This enables individuals to stay connected with Bayer healthcare and keep getting regular updates about the company’s achievements and new innovations.
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