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Sun Pharma Ltd. Latest News and Vacancies
Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Limited is a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Mumbai, India. Company has a profile of manufacturing API and formulations, and sells it over more than 40 countries. And with more than twenty destinations for its manufacturing unit. Every year Sun pharma grows a little bigger and has been listed in Forbes for Asia's fab 50 and World's top 100. Company is renowned for its high quality research facility, low impurity APIs, lesser cost products and worldwide reliability. With one of the biggest fermentation and chemical synthesis facility in India, it employees over 15k employees worldwide.

[Image: sunp.jpg]

Company was started in 1983 in Kolkata by Mr. Dilip Shanghvi with a manufacturing facility specialized in psychiatric drugs, within four years company expanded its specialty for Cardiology and Gastroenterology. Today company stands tall and proud with its expertise in cardiology, psychiatry, neurology, gastroenterology and diabetology. It also supplies APIs such as warfarin, carbamazepine, etodolac, and clorazepate, as well as anticancers, steroids, peptides, sex hormones, etc.

In this thread we will discuss about latest news and career updates of Sun Pharma.
Achieving another star in its success milestones Sun pharma has come up with a generic testosterone cypionate injection which is therapeutically equivalent to Pfizer Inc's Depo Testosterone injection. As per IMS MAT data company has estimated a $130 million market in the US. The injection is used for treatment of male fertility related issues and for replacement therapy in males with conditions and symptoms of deficiency or absence of endogenous testosterone.

The stock of Sun Pharmaceuticals hit a record high this year dominating the market capitalization over that of Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Cipla and Lupin put together. Major revenue, profit growth and benefits are estimated from overseas acquisitions, currency depreciation and gigantic sales of its cancer drug Lipodox.

Along with this market capture company has also received the tentative approval for two significant abbreviated new drug applications (ANDAs)/generics for sale in the market and its unit, URL Pharma, recently hiked the selling price of a major selling drug in market.This, along with its recent acquisitions & mergers and extremely strong product pipeline, is likely to help Sun Pharma replicate its overall robust performance in financial year 2013.

The premium drug-maker policy and a robust business tactics takes all to receive Businees Leader in Pharmaceuticals. NDTV profit awards business awards with full market and financial survey, which truly reflects the winner. With other major awards in hand like CNBC most outstanding company of 2012, Forbes listed it in top 100 most innovative companies, Sun Pharma was awarded PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY OF THE YEAR in 2011 by Frost & Sullivan India Healthcare Excellence Awards, Mr. Dilip S. Shanghvi was awarded WORLD ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR by ERNST AND YOUNG 2010. And many more awards are in its accolades trunk and many more are on the way for 2013.

Click on the below jobs for more information on the post. Apply for the jobs by sending your resume to, and do mention the code as per the job.

1. Business Development: Officer/Executive Business Development Mumbai, code SP043

2. Training Executive: Dadra, code SP030

3. Process Engineering: Manager/Senior Manager, Panoli (Gujarat), code SP029

4. Technology Transfer: Executive/Assistant Manager, Panoli (Gujarat), code SP028

[Image: sun.png]

We'll keep you updated with world's major companies updates and vacancies.
Kalpana Samant
Bioprocess Engineer & Freelancer
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Sun Pharma - The Birth and the Growth

Sun Pharma emerged in the year 1983 making its first step in the field of psychiatry by releasing five products. In the beginning the marketing group of Sun Pharma comprised of just two people and grown to heights to what it is now. The same year popped up the infrastructure for producing tablets in Gujarat. With its untiring efforts in the following years the company ensured its sales across the country in the year 1987. Sun Pharma extended its services to protect the hearts of many by launching products to treat heart ailments (field of cardiology) in 1988 and monotrate and angizem are two such products in the market till date. With its desire to establish, the company started delivering its products outside the country since 1989 and also made its foot prints in Gastroenterology by releasing some compounds the same year.

The unquenchable thirst of the company to make its presence a prominent one, resulted in the birth of its own Research center in the year 1991 and the company went public in the year 1994. Sun Pharma built its first Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients production facility in Panoli in the year 1995. Grown as a giant in the Pharma market it started acquiring other companies and as a first step acquired the Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients plant of Knoll Pharma in 1996 and by then the sales area of the company had reached 24 countries. In 1994 Sun Pharma became a stake holder of TDPL and MJ Pharma companies and also the year 1997 the company became an international unit by acquiring Caraco Pharma labs, Detroit and also popped out yet another research unit in Mumbai the same year.

In 1998 the birth place of some of the products was shifted from Natco Pharma to Sun Pharma. With the continuous effort and standard, Sun Pharma secured a place in the list of top 10 Pharma companies in India in 1999 and in the following year it moved to the 5th place as a largest Indian Pharma company. In the year 2007 the market leader the sun Pharma decided to make all its research facilities a separate entity and as a result emerged the Sun Pharma Research company. Sun Pharma continued to grow by acquiring various companies across the world in the following years.

Started with just 2 people in marketing team in the beginning Sun Pharma now holds more than 40 market places, more than 14000 employees, 20 and above production facilities and greater than 1000 products in the market that states the constant growth of the company.
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