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ROCHE HOLDING AG, Latest News & Vacancies
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. is Swiss multinational company established in 1896 by Fritz Hoffmann-La Roche, which specializes in two mainstream profiles: pharmaceuticals and healthcare diagnostics.

[Image: roche.png]

The company is headquartered in Basel and the company has many hot centers around the world - including:

USA & CANADA: Nutley, NJ; Pleasanton, CA; Branchburg, NJ; Indianapolis, Indiana; Florence, South Carolina; and Ponce, Puerto Rico; Mississauga and Laval in Canada.

SOUTH AMERICA: São Paulo, Brazil;

EUROPE: Welwyn Garden City and Burgess Hill in the UK; Clarecastle in Ireland; Mannheim and Penzberg in Germany; Segrate, Milan in Italy;

ASIA Shanghai in China; Mumbai & Hyderabad in India; Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore in Pakistan.

Roche also holds the American biotechnology company Genentech, which is a wholly owned affiliate, the Japanese biotechnology company Chugai Pharmaceuticals and the Tucson, Arizona based Ventana

The company has a legacy of invention, its has credits for presenting The World of medicine, first anti-depressant Iproniazid and one of the most powerful statin Xenical

In this forum we will discuss about the latest updates of the company and the vacancies.

With its huge steps for mergers and acquisitions growth of Roche looks unstoppable. This July (07-02-2013) company has acquired a Boston based company Constitution Medical Inc. This will make the hematology section of Roche quite robust. A total of USD 2.0 billion of global market is estimated for hematology testing post this well thought move.

Perjeta, in combination with Herceptin and chemotherapy, was approved by the FDA in 2012 for HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer. Now it is proposed to be used as a neoadjuvant therapy where it will be used before surgery of HER-2 positive breast cancer. But the treatment is restricted to patients where cancer has not spread beyond the breasts or the lymph nodes. It was studied that treatment with Perjeta, Herceptin and docetaxel chemotherapy significantly improved the rate of pCR by 58 percent compared to Herceptin and docetaxel alone (45.8 percent vs. 29.0 percent, p=0.014).
FDA has granted a priority review for of the application and the results can be expected by October 31, 2013.

Are you a biotech/pharma graduate? And want to have a future in management division of a pharma company? Then definitely Be Roche program is for you. It specializes the student in eleven divisions-
- Human Resources
- Finance and Administration
- Marketing
- Medical Marketing
- Corporate Communications
- Sales
- Business Initiatives
- Health Economics
- Regulatory Affairs
- Medical Services
- Analytics
If you have talent to show up in multidimensional aspect this is the pathlight to a successful career.
Have a look into reviews of past graduates, click here.

Vacancies are listed as per countries, all enthusiasts should give a look at the career site for a bright shining future with one of the most invention driven company.

[Image: roche_Copy.jpg]

Do follow the post for regular updates!
Kalpana Samant
Bioprocess Engineer & Freelancer
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With budding competition every now and then and with strict FDA regulations Roche takes a strong step for the drug aleglitazar. Roche announced that the results of a regular safety review of the aleglitazar AleCardio phase III trial, the independent Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) has recommended to stop the trial due to safety signals and lack of efficacy. Based on this recommendation, Roche has decided to terminate the AleCardio trial and all other trials involving aleglitazar. Aleglitazar is a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor agonist. Other drugs which work with similar mechanism are GSK's Avandia (rosiglitazone) and Takeda's Actos (pioglitazone). In the pharma world its a second shock after serious notes on pioglitazone, many major companies have already stopped its production.

What went wrong with aleglitazar?

A product which started with a lot of praise and expectations and has already reached clinical phase-III trials is not moving forward, its quite a surprise!
Drug was proposed to be used for: Diabetes patients and cardiovascular diseases.
In the pan-world ALECARDIO trial of aleglitazar, 7228 patients with a recent acute coronary syndrome and type 2 diabetes were given a dose of aleglitazar 150 µg or placebo daily, in addition to the general medical therapy. Patients were basically from cardiology clinics, and the primary efficacy fail was indicated by: cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction, or stroke. Other symptopms like heart failure and changes in renal function.

Dr. Lincoff said news about bone fractures, heart failure, and gastrointestinal bleeding associated with aleglitazar was also there, and deterioration in renal function among some patients taking it was also seen, "but it was reversible, and we knew that based on other trials."
As full data is yet to be published he added, "We won't know until we analyze the data whether diabetes control is better in the aleglitazar arm."

This year has brought multiple bans on diabetes drugs, whether our drug administration has gone strict and is beneficial for patients or our diseases are getting extremely linked to each other, which is causing complications while treating the others? It has to be answered by experts. But all we can do is to wait for an effective and safe drug to the growing problem "Diabetes".

Check out following links for knowing more about it:
Clinical trials
Roche media release
Kalpana Samant
Bioprocess Engineer & Freelancer
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Roche is a research – based healthcare firm aimed at developing medications and medical devices for early detection and initiation of treatment of several disease conditions. Developed in the year 1986 by Fritz Hoffman – La Roche, the firm was the first to recognize and put into practice the fact that development of standardized medications is extremely beneficial in treating disease conditions. The firm is focused on delivering the best therapies and medical diagnostic tools for oncology, personalized healthcare, virology, rheumatoid arthritis and transplantation.

Roche is traded as ROG and has its shares listed in the SIX Swiss Exchange. It has its headquarters in Basel and its business spread across several countries overseas.

Popular biotech products
Roche’s major focus is on developing products that would make a significant impact on the existing solutions for treating and diagnosing disease conditions. The firm manufactures drugs for treating cancer, infectious diseases, disorders of the central nervous system, inflammatory and metabolic diseases. The following is a list enumerating some of the major products of Roche.
• Actemra
• Anaprox
• Avastin
• Bactrim
• Bondronat
• Bonviva
• CellCept
• Dilatrend
• Dormicum
• Fuzeon
• Herceptin
• Invirase
• Kytril
• Lariam
• Lucentis
• Mabthera
• Madopar
• Mircera
• Pegasys
• RoActemra
• Rocaltrol
• Rocephin
• Roferon-A
• Tarceva

In addition to these, Roche has developed an exhaustive list of pharmaceutical drugs. Apart from drugs, the firm also has hands on expertise in manufacturing diagnostic products and instruments and reagent kits that would be of help in research of varied products.

Latest discoveries
Roche is constantly striving hard to carry out strong research to develop new and innovative products for saving patient’s lives. There are several products that have been recently discovered by this firm. Some of them have been listed below.
• Perjeta and Kadcyla for treatment of advanced HER2 positive gastric cancer.
• Erivedge indicated in patients with operable basal cell carcinoma.
• Zelboraf for patients with papillary thyroid cancer, BRAF mutation positive.
• Tarceva for adjuvant non – small cell lung cancer.
• Actemra for rheumatoid arthritis and systemic sclerosis.
• Xolair for chronic idiopathic urticaria.
• Lucentis for age related macular degeneration.

Recent company takeovers
Roche values mergers and collaborations and understands the importance of the same. The firm believes that along with other like minded firms it can certainly make a positive impact in the lives of patient fighting severe disease conditions. The firm has partnered with several other firms such as Genentech, Ventana, Tucson and Chugai pharmaceuticals for expanding their areas of research as well developing and manufacturing innovative therapies for fighting deadly diseases like cancer.

Recent corporate news
During the fiscal year 2010, the company’s revenues were CHF 47.49 billion.

Work culture
The work culture at Roche is very dynamic and mission driven. With a work force of about 82, 000 the firm is directed towards delivering the best pharmaceutical products and medical devices to the world at large. In other words, they are committed towards building a “better tomorrow”.

Interesting events
Roche is always in the front to deliver the best therapeutic products to the world. The year 2013 has indeed been an eventful year for the firm. Below is a list of some of the interesting news for the current year:
• The firm has developed a new time saving formula of Herceptin that has been approved in Europe for treating HER2 positive breast cancer.
• Roche along with Medicines Patent Pool signed an agreement to increase the access to medications indicated for treatment of HIV patients.
• The media has also been talking about Roche’s obinutuzumab drug that has proved to delay the progression of blood cancer as against the drug rituxan.
• The firm in this year also launched the new tool named ProGPR test for prompt and precise diagnosis of lung cancer.
• The firm received EU approval for the drug Erivedge that is indicated for treatment of basal cell carcinoma.

Recent job openings

There are varied career opportunities at Roche. Be it in the field of marketing, development or research, the firm has many exciting job opportunities for young and experienced individuals. Interested candidates can search the job portal and apply for the type of job that suits them. The following is the list of recent job openings at Roche.
Division Sales Manager: Such individuals would be responsible for hiring, developing and managing team work. They are also responsible for accomplishing the set target and goals in time. For applying for this position, the candidates need to be a graduate or MBA and also have 5 years of work experience. They also need to have a minimum of 2 years of experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnological or therapeutic area.
Clinical specialist: The individuals in this position are responsible for maintaining relationships with physicians and other customers. They need to posses strong communication skills; both written as well as verbal. The candidates need to have a minimum of 2 years of work experience and should at least have a graduate degree. Having previous experience in sales and pharmaceutical industry is an added plus.
Regulatory affairs manager: Such individuals are responsible for maintaining product technical files and also are required to manage the submission activities. They also need to posses current knowledge in applicable regulatory requirements and would also be required to provide support to project teams. Candidates who wish to apply for this position need to be a graduate in engineering or related technical field and should have a minimum of 5 years of experience in development, clinical affairs, medical device, and IVD device.
Associate medical director: In this position, the medical director would be required to report to the director of US drug safety and would be an important member of USDS leadership team. This is so far a new position that has been created in the department and the selected individual should be highly qualified with at least 3 years of experience in drug safety. The individual should also hold an MD or any other equivalent medical degree.
Interested candidates can apply online and wait for the recruitment procedure.
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