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10 New Breakthroughs In Biotech That Will Change Medical Field !!
The way we had developed ourselves during the course of evolution is simply mind-blowing, and the only distinct thing that we had as compared to other (Plants, animals, bacteria, virus etc) is the "passion to explore and innovate" ! Below are few such recent examples :

1. Decay-Fighting Microbes
The Lactic acid production by bacteria living on teeth causes erodes enamel and tooth decay. One of the company in Florida- has engineered a new bacterial strain, called SMaRT, that cannot produce lactic acid. At the same time, it releases an antibiotic that kills the natural decay-causing strain. Thus it now only maintains the teeth but also fight with other bacteria which are bad for teeth. This way, Dentists will only need to swab SMaRT to get rid of decay. Presently, clinical trials, are going on and are at the stage in which once such treatment is given, the tooth remains healthy for life time.

2. Artificial Lymph Nodes
Scientists from Japan's have developed artificial lymph nodes. These organs are very important in immunity as they produce immune cells for fighting infections. The development of artificial Lymph Nodes will be used to replace diseased nodes and also can treat certain diseases which are not easily cured like HIV or Cancer. Not only this but such lymph nodes can be used to boost the immune system and can improve health of patients.

3. Asthma Sensor
Any Asthma attack can lead to serious illness and even death of patients. In such condition the most important thing is timely trigger for treatment. This is emergency situation and all things should be set to recover from it. But now the risk of such sudden asthma attacks is almost irradiated with the development of new sensor called as “Asthama sensor”. This sensor is developed by University of Pittsburgh which is a hand held device, in which, a polymer coated carbon nanotubes that is 100,000 times thinner than human hair, analyzes breath for minute amount of nitric oxide. This gas is produces by lungs prior to asthma attacks. Therefore such sensors will not only indicate any possible attack in patients but also will help them to cure on time in such situations by advance indicative attack.

4. Cancer Spit Test
For any cancer test, now forget biopsies. A new research at University of California –Los Angeles had developed a device that detects oral cancer just by a single drop of saliva. This is based on the proteins that are associated with cancer cells and these proteins react with dyes on the sensor, emitting fluorescent light. This light can be detected under microscope. Not only this, but such technique can also be used for diagnosis of many other diseases by use of saliva as patient’s sample.

5. Biological Pacemaker
Electronic pacemakers save lives, but it has also been observed that such use hardware eventually wears out. Therefore the use of battery fewer alternatives have came in light. Now, researchers at several universities are developing pacemakers by gene expression in stem cells that are injected into damaged regions of the heart. This eliminates the complexity of Biological pacemakers and serves the purpose in more safe way. These pacemakers had brought slow canine hearts back up without complications.

6. Smart Contact Lens
The second-leading cause of blindness is Glaucoma. This is developed when pressure builds inside the eye and damages retinal cells. Contact lenses developed at the University of California-Davis contain conductive wires that continuously monitor pressure and fluid flow within the eyes of at-risk people. The lenses then relay information to a small device worn by the patient; the device wirelessly transmits it to a computer. This constant data flow helps doctors to better understand the causes on time of the disease. Also the lenses automatically dispense drugs in response to pressure changes, thus maintaining its efficiency and intent.

7. Speech Restorer
A new "phonetic speech engine" provides and audible voice for people who have lost the ability to talk. This is developed in conjunction with Texas Instruments, the “Audeo” uses electrodes to detect neuronal signals traveling from the brain to the vocal cords and this way improves the ability to restore it in timely manner. Patients imagine slowly sounding out words; then the quarter-size device which is located in a neck brace wire-less transmits those impulses to a computer, which produces speech.

9. Absorbable Heart Stent
The coronary artery diseases cause blockage and narrowing of arteries. In such condition, today, stents are used to open arteries that have become narrowed. Also with such stents, drug-eluting are combined with release medication that keeps the artery from narrowing again. Now one step further to this, some stents are developed, example the bio-absorbable version made by Abbott Laboratories in Illinois. Unlike metal stents, it does its job and disappears. After six months the stent begins to dissolve that is it is absorbed within the body without causing any side effects. With the time, approximately two years it's completely gone, leaving behind a healthy artery.

10. Muscle Simulator
In cases were bones are broken, treatments are given to join them. During this time nearby muscles often atrophy from lack of use. One of the companies had solved this problem with a battery operated device that develops electrical simulators—small enough to be worn underneath casts that is to exercise muscles and keep them strong during recovery.

Such innovations are mind blowing and this is the way how humans were distinct from others, even during the course of evolution. May it be evolution from primates to modern man or may it be a step of it that is from non-absorbable stent to absorbable stent, the useful difference exists; leading to creativity and well-being!

Please read the full article located here:

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