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dropping iit,, help me
hi all,,
im aakansha nd i need a help from u guys,,
i have completed my msc biotech from a reputed college and currently im persuing M Tech in biotech from iit kanpur. its getting harder and harder every passing day to live without my family. my family is in bangalore. its been only 20 days and im miserable. im thinking of leaving iit and going back to bangalore.
i want to continue my studies furthur in bangalore.

what are my options if i drop m tech in iit??
am i doing it right??
do i have any better options which would not ruin my career.
what are my options? i dont know much about it. i've heard that addmissions are available for phd in december also.

please suggest me anything u have..

thank u a lot,
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Very bad idea .. if you are talking leaving a top notch university just because you are not able to adjust, its a bad idea.

Its a good time for you to learn how to live away from the protective wrap of your parents. If you complete your course, you will not only be strong academically but also a mentally strong person.
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im thinking of joining iit madras for phd,,
is it still a bad idea??
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Well if a pain is resulting something worthy then you should go on and face it. I know some time it feels hard to live with out family and but still you should not give up. Keep it going your studies and just think that when you will go back how your family be feeling at that time.
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Wait for the time till you get admission in IIT Madras. If you crack it in IIT Madras, go ahead and join there otherwise a wise man won't advice you to leave IIT Kanpur.


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