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Genomics, Proteomics & Bio-informatics services
We are glad to introduce ourselves to you as Systems Biology India Private Limited (SBIPL), a subsidiary of one of the leading European CRO- SBW Ltd (System Biology Worldwide).
This email is intended to acquaint you with our Omics Services which we are providing from India with cost efficiency and European standards.

SBW Ltd is a Indo-Finnish consolidated CRO offering comprehensive services and platforms in drug discovery, functional food and chemical safety. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland the operations are spread in India (SBIPL), Sweden, UK as well as Switzerland.

SBW combines European and Indian Strengths to deliver hi-tech knowledge, skills with access to state of the art facilities, instrumentation and expertise offset by cost efficiency. Another key component as a part of offering services is educating the client challenges and limitation of technology during the project work. SBW Ltd has delivered close to a thousand projects to over 150 clients spread over 20 countries in Europe, Asia and USA ranging from small virtual biotechs to marquee companies.

Our ‘Omics services includes following areas:
Genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics and chemo-bioinformatics. Services in brief are as follows
• Next-Gen sequencing
• Genotyping, gene expression, miRNA profiling
• Protein Biomarker Discovery
• Global protein profiling
• Protein characterization
• Post-translation modifications
• Characterization of receptor-ligand interactions
• Metabolite profiling
• Computational services like bioinformatics, chemoinformatics like NGS data analysis, pathway analysis, network analysis, predicting drug targets, toxicity, bioactivity, ADME properties of your proprietary molecule.
We can also have a video conference or a teleconference with our experts to understand your technical requirements related to your project deliverables.
We look forward to be part of your valuable research by extending our quality higher-end services

With best regards,

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Genomics and proteomics bioinformataic services that is very attractive information for new viewers to take the benefits more in future life.
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Thanks, for the post. It's very useful details for new commerce. Here, well described information about Genomics, Proteomics & Bio-informatics services. Genomics specialize in high throughput Affymetrix Gene Chip dish arrays. Cheaper, efficient, reproducible, accurate, and more delicate than Gene-chip container arrays. The proteomics Primary provids a extensive range of solutions associated with style, performance and research of proteomics research. The Bioinformatics Primary will be the main website of the Proteomics Primary that will offer DF/HCC researchers with entry to phenotypically annotated proteomics information as well as a large set of analytic techniques.
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