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Energy produced by GMO organisms - a feasable alternative to nuclear?
hi there

My background isn't in science. More in science fiction.

But someone has to visualise the future before it is made fact. E.g. Arthur C. Clarke and the communications satellite.

I'm disturbed by the lack of vision regarding the energy sources which will replace fossil fuels.

So here's an extreme vision for the future. Is it viable?

1. Electricity will be generated by custom made organisms.

2. Houses will be lit by slime painted on the walls, containing the same light emitting cells as are present in deep sea organisms.

3. Houses will be heated by over-sized GMO hearts, pumping warm blood around a radiator system, and fed on food waste.

So there's the vision. But is it possible? Electric eels generate power. Lemons can light a bulb. Can these properties be enhanced a millionfold, then utilized in our daily lives?

If they can, perhaps we can sidestep future Fukushimas?

Thanks for looking. I'm feeling pretty humble here, as my only science degree is in the social sciences.

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Energy produced by GMO organisms - a feasable alternative to nuclear?00