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Biotechnology Congress
This is post no. 1 under the main topic.

As the program manager for upcoming conference 17th Euro Biotechnology congress I would like to bring in to your kind notice regarding conference. The 17th Euro Biotechnology Congress which is going to be held at Berlin, Germany during September 25-27, 2017 will feature speakers from multifarious disciplines. Scientists from all over the world are participating in the meet and will present the latest ground-breaking research in all realms of biotechnology.  Focus has been laid on presentations that deal with optimizing industrial processes to increase yield of biotechnology industry and biopharmaceutical products, bio-fuel and bio-energy products. Other than this, research on protein and rDNA technologies including nanotechnology has also been stressed on. I sincerely believe that you will find the conference quite fruitful.
Students interested in attending the international conference in group can avail better discounts on registration.
Best poster and Young research forum is also availed and certification from International organizing committee Members.
For more details follow the link: 
Feel free to contact us for more details.

Kevin Brown
Program Manager
Euro Biotechnology
Conference Series

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