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Bio/Pharma Market Research Question - Incubators
Hello to all of the biotech professionals and enthusiasts.


I am an intern currently doing market research for a startup company that has produced a new portable culture incubator. Knowing that it would have strong ties to health, biotech, and pharmaceuticals, I joined this forum to ask any proffesionals about how their experiences with similar products or how to get started researching the market. For what I know, the market is small enough that it difficult to find inexpensive online secondary information.


The developing product is a more compact portable culture incubator that claims two unique innovations. The first is that it has a self monitoring and self-regulating CO2 system to keep the culture conditions at the optimal concentration. The second is that it is one of the, if not the only, first portable incubators with approval for both frieght and flight transportation with an optional built in battery to support the journey.

Any general advice would be appreciated, however I do have a few questions to help me with my research.
1) When is it most necesarry for live cell transportation?
2) In your opinion, what would be the hypothetical significance of this product?
3) Are there any references to view the market for products, or similar products such as these. If not directly, then are there intersections or indicators?
4) Any companies worth reviewing?

Thank you for your support.

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Temperature and CO2 are most important factors
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Bio/Pharma Market Research Question - Incubators00