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Free internship with stipend in the second phase
Free research internship at BioLim Centre for Science and Technology, Chennai
Public relations notice
Call for research internship post in BioLim Centre for Science and Technology, Chennai. Apply if you are a right candidate.
BioLim Centre for Science and Technology (BCST), the research wing of BioLim Trust, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, focuses on developing open innovations for the benefit of the Indian micro, small and medium scale industries and brings solutions to the existing problems of the society with interdisciplinary research approach.
BCST is currently moving with a two-dimensional vision towards a better society. One dimension is to develop an efficient research base for the Indian MSMEs in order to support them in developing newer products and processes in the field of microbial biotechnology, herbal technology, food technology and nanotechnology through the OPEN INNOVATION initiative of BioLim Trust. The other dimension is to make the graduates to learn research, process and product development according to the need of the growing industries, which helps them explore better placements in product research, up scaling and technology implementation or technology transfer in the life science sector.
Call for interns
We are looking for the passionate budding researchers who are willing to join our OPEN INNOVATION initiative to learn, understand, plan and perform research for the social and MSME benefits.
For further information on applying, evaluation, the number of seats, stipend, etc. visit the website and apply for the programme named “Very long-term internship”.
Visit to apply now
Application last date: Applications are called for three times a year for the long-term internship, there is no specific deadline to apply. For the current call, the applicant should submit the application on or before September 5 and the internship period starts on 15th September.
Call for MSMEs
We duly take up this opportunity to call the Indian start-ups and MSMEs to participate in the OPEN INNOVATION initiative to get benefits in terms of developing your process and products in the mentioned life science sector. BioLim Trust strongly believes that start-ups with sustainable innovations and good managerial operations can lead the contribution in the Indian GDP greatly by 2020.
For further clarifications, please write to our open innovation manager (
For updates on free internship and open innovations, subscribe here.(link to
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Free internship with stipend in the second phase00