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GenScript Licenses CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology from the Broad Institute
GenScript USA Inc, a leading biology CRO and its affiliates announced today that they have entered into a non-exclusive license agreement with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to strengthen their existing GenCRISPR services portfolio with the set of extensive intellectual properties and technologies related to CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing systems from the Broad Institute. 
GenScript is a leading provider of CRISPR genome editing products and services. Since June 2013, GenScript began developing GenCRISPR genome editing services, including gRNA design and constructs and CRISPR/Cas9-based cell line engineering, producing case studies of validated knock-out and knock-in cell lines, and building a bioinformatics tool to aid in the design of gRNAs. The aim is to bring GenScript clients the best quality service and access to the latest advances in CRISPR/Cas9 related technologies. The Broad Institute’s vast CRISPR/Cas9 IP portfolio will be fully utilized to launch new CRISPR-related products and services to satisfy the research and drug discovery needs of GenScript clients.
Dr. Chuan-Chu Chou, Senior Vice President of GenScript comments “CRISPR/Cas9 has great potential to impact research and medicine. Our goal is to provide researchers with a one stop solution for all their CRISPR needs, from gRNA design to cell line engineering. We are very excited to enter this licensing agreement with the Broad. We share Dr. Feng Zhang and the Broad Institute’s vision to make CRISPR accessible to all researchers in order to help make research easy.”
About the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
The Eli and Edythe L. Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard was launched in 2004 to empower this generation of creative scientists to transform medicine. The Broad Institute seeks to describe all the molecular components of life and their connections; discover the molecular basis of major human diseases; develop effective new approaches to diagnostics and therapeutics; and disseminate discoveries, tools, methods, and data openly to the entire scientific community.
Founded by MIT, Harvard, and its affiliated hospitals, and the visionary Los Angeles philanthropists Eli and Edythe L. Broad, the Broad Institute includes faculty, professional staff and students from throughout the MIT and Harvard biomedical research communities and beyond, with collaborations spanning over a hundred private and public institutions in more than 40 countries worldwide. For further information about the Broad Institute, go to
About GenScript
Based in Piscataway, New Jersey, GenScript is a leading gene, peptide, protein and antibody research partner for fundamental life science research, translational biomedical research, and early stage pharmaceutical development. Since its establishment in 2002, GenScript has grown into a global Contract Research Organization that provides services and products to scientists in 86 countries worldwide. The company has built a best-in-class capacity and capability for biological research services encompassing gene synthesis and molecular biology, peptide synthesis, custom antibodies, protein expression, antibody and protein engineering, and in vitro and in vivo pharmacology. For more information, visit
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GenScript Licenses CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology from the Broad Institute00