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Biotechnology: One wearable device, many uses!
Both the professional athlete and the weekend warrior spend intense hours of practicing, training, while building stamina and technique. We all seek to improve our performance and outcome no matter the sport. Now you can have a coach with you 24/7 who tells you what you are doing wrong, what you need to correct while logging all movement patterns and metrics of the lower body for you to review at a later time.

[Image: 29c939]

In the medical world gait and balance assessment/training are crucial in helping those with neuromuscular deficits, the elderly who have mobility impairments or simply individuals who wear orthotic or prosthesis devices. The Intelisoles will revolutionize the way in which clinicians interact with and help patients by providing a simple and highly effective tool to correct and enhance motor skills, helping to improve quality of life and even reduce injury related falls in seniors which is the #1 cause of injury related deaths.

[Image: 70f264e1-4fd2-4260-8fa2-b1d4f179be06-large.png]

Intelisoles is one device that has immense applications in both the Sports Performance and Medical markets. Intelisoles will be launching in 2015 with a focus in medical market for gait and balance assessment/training, and in the sports performance markets for metrics on running, cycling, golfing, lifting and more.

The Intelisoles are comprised of ultra-thin insoles which are wearable in any shoe and wirelessly communicate with Smartphones and Tablets. This will allow you to record, monitor, review and compare your body movements, like balance & weight shift, stress patterns, gait pressure patterns and foot movement during any activity. They also can provide real time audible and visual feedback to let you know when a movement pattern is not efficient or is unwanted, such as excessive heel strike during jogging, excessive and uncontrolled sway during a golf swing (sway and video recording!), or unwanted gait parameters in rehab such as over pronation or unsteady walking patterns.

The next phase of software development will be in the gaming market so your action games can be more immersive than ever. Imaging playing a skateboarding or snowboarding game, and when you jump or turn the character reacts. Intelisoles are a Wii Platform on steroids. You will no longer be confined to a square box. You will be free to run, jump, twist and dodge depending on what type of game you are playing.

Intelisoles will soon be available on Crowdfunding Donors will receive heavily discounted units at up to 75% off with free software upgrades for life. Don’t miss out. Check us out on! For pre-order and funding details
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