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University of Queensland
Why you should study Bachelors in Biotechnology?
Biotechnology deals with all living organisms scientifically. Its engineering principles are applied with regard to improving the value of society. The areas are covered by this science are brewing, wastewater management and cheese production with the help of drug designing and gene therapy.

It examines plants, microorganisms, and all living organisms in the context of the understanding, discovering , developing . and improving activities or products. This discipline of science combines aspects of many areas like microbiology, molecular genetics, physics, engineering, chemistry, mathematics, and immunology.

Specialisations/ Majors
1. Bioprocess Technology
2. Nanotechnology
3. Nanotechnology and Innovation Management
4. Plant Biotechnology
5. Plant Biotechnology and Innovation Management
6. Bioprocess Technology and Innovation Management
7. Chemical Biotechnology
8. Chemical Biotechnology and Innovation Management
9. Microbial Biotechnology
10. Microbial Biotechnology and Innovation Management
11. Molecular Biotechnology
12. Bioinformatics
13. Bioinformatics and Innovation Management
14. Molecular Biotechnology and Innovation Management
15. Drug Design & Development & Innovation Management
16. Drug Design and Development

Dual degree chances?

Bachelors of Biotechnology/ Engineering
University offers modified program of honours in year 4 on the basis of grade points taken by the students.
Opportunity of progess?
Graduates will be having the opportunity to flourish in the following program:
• Master of Business
What are the entry requisites for Australian students?
QTAC Code(s)
731101 - B Biotechnology
OP/Rank 2013*
OP or Rank for entry in this program might change for 2014 admissions.

Other Prerequisites
Queensland Year 12 or same standard English, Mathematics B plus one of Chemistry or Physics.
How to apply
Applications can be submitted directly to Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre.

Prospective annual fee for 2014: AUD$ 8676
Besides, fee may vary according the chosen subjects by the candidates.
Sasa Milosevic
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dear all , i m rightnw with sem iii in pcb guj board n wish to make a lot with biotechnology .. pl guide me towards ... shd i study in INDIA or ausi .. tks
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Hi Dhyey,

Aim for IITs/BITS/IIIT Hyderabad/DU/JNU for doing undergrad studies in India. If you don't get an opportunity in any of these, you may target a good institute in Australia (I hope you meant the same by ausi). Germany/US/UK are ideal places for pursuing a career in Biotech though as of now.
Sunil Nagpal
MS(Research) Scholar, IIT Delhi (Alumnus)
Advisor for the Biotech Students portal (
Computational Researcher in BioSciences at a leading MNC

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