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Latest Developments in Biotechnology Firms this Month | November 2013
Biotechnology sector irrespective of its boon and bane always secures a space in the news section. With many biotechnology firms operating globally, everyday either one or few of these companies makes in the news for its new innovations, novel therapeutics and its approval, shares, growth and expansion and so on. Here’s some collective news on happenings in different biotechnology firms this month.

Can-Fite, an Israeli public company found in the year 2000 which is into the development of oral bioavailable drugs of small molecules for the treatment of various inflammatory diseases and cancer has recently carried out agreements with 10 well progressed Pharma and biotech companies with regard to the commercialization of its product CF 101 developed to treat autoimmune inflammation disease and is looking forward to the result from its phase IIb clinical study in treating rheumatoid arthritis. The global market of therapeutics of rheumatoid arthritis is expected to rise from 12 billion dollars to 20 billion dollars in 2020 which will be significant for the growth of the can-Fite. Elseiver Business Intelligence has ranked the study of the drug CF 101 as the top autoimmune and anti inflammation project.

Piper Jaffery, a leading investment bank and asset management firm head quartered in Minneapolis is looking forward to diversify its biotechnology research area following the absorption of Mr. Josh Schimmer into the organization as Managing Director and senior research analyst who will concentrate on small and mid scale biotechnology firms dealing with therapeutics, its marketing and partnership strategies.

Plandai Biotech a research firm dealing with live plant extracts for a decade is stepping into the medical marijuana field with a new technology in hand to derive cannabis plant extracts with a focus to increase the bioavailability and purity of the extract. Plandia Biotech formed its subsidiary Cannabis Biosciences Inc exclusively to test and study the extract from the plant cannabis. The firm also claims that they could be able to obtain the psychoactive molecule from Cannabis which substantiates the medicinal property of the plant. Already the medicinal value of the plant triggered the idea of legalizing the use of the plant. In another 3 years the medical marijuana industries are likely to touch 9 billion dollars from the existing value of 1.3 billion dollars.

Natick biotech karyopharm therapeutics dealing with the drugs that boosts proteins (natural tumor suppressors), in a public offering raised $109 million.

Biotechnology market is as competitive as its innovations and there is no stop for research works and new innovations in this field.
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UK-listed drug company Shire has agreed to buy the US's ViroPharma - a rare disease biopharmaceutical firm - for about $4.2bn (£2.6bn).

Shire will pay $50 for each ViroPharma share - a 27% premium on Friday's closing price.
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