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Jaypee University of Information Technology - Biotechnology Department
J. P. University of Information Technology and JUIT ( Waknaghat, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India):

Whilst most industries are now downsizing in the ongoing economy, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are strong than ever and growing. And talking about India, it continues to be the epicenter of such industries for years now. One such exceptional career choice for students is the biotechnology programs offered by Jaypee University of Information Technology.

Learning in India’s No.1 Institution

Biotechnology is the science of this very century- a vivacious journey into the constantly evolving and undiscovered territory. The biotech programs have been specifically designed to help candidates acquire knowledge and experience as broad as the problems itself and to shape them according to industry needs and recruiters. The biotech program under this university has been ranked twice at NO.1 position in the last three years by Biospectrum. It has been honored as the best private biotech educational institute of the country for carrying out outstanding researches owning to its up-to-date educational curricula, highly qualified faculties, strong research and development programs and modern laboratory infrastructures.

The department offers a 4 year B.Tech program in biotechnology and bioinformatics, 5 year dual degree M.Tech program in Biotechnolgy, 2 year program in Biotechnology and Computational Biology, and Ph.D. in Biotechnology/Bioinformatics. The biotech graduates are groomed in a highly intensive environment that Jaypee University has successfully established through multifaceted initiatives like recruiting faculties of international exposure, setting collaborations with topnotch institutions of the world and admitting quality students. The University has till now implemented R&D projects that worth near about Rs 15 crores, including some of the most prestigious ones. Large numbers of scholars associated with this institution have been able to create a diverse research environment in the 3 main streams of bioinformatics, pharmaceutical sciences and biotechnology, unlike any other Indian institution.

The department delivers quality education in order to equip students with latest skills compatible with the industry and academia needs. The curricula are designed with a sturdy engineering base to enable students to work out in every type of industry. They are also provided with opportunities to carry out extensive independent projects.

Competent Faculties

The faculty department is exceptionally trained from world class institutions in modernized areas of genomics, bioprocess engineering, medicinal chemistry, proteomics, environmental biotechnology, computational drug discovery, nano biotechnology, medicinal chemistry, systems biology, computational biology, metabolic engineering, microbial pathogens, cancer biology, biomaterial engineering etc. Strengths of faculties in such wider areas ensure better job opportunities for students as well as prospective chances of landing into better institutions for higher education. The research outcomes of some of the renowned faculties have been recognized through different publications in 14 patents, high impact journals, best paper awards in international and national conferences and individual awards like those of Ramanujan Fellowship, DST BOYCAST fellowships and young scientist award of Indian Science Congress Association.

Admission Process

The students can acquire the application form either by downloading it from the official website or obtaining from the campuses. Separate forms have to filled for the Noida and Waknaghat campuses respectively. Cost of the application is kept at Rs. 1000. The forms come with a single brochure. Those who wish to pursue undergraduate and graduate programs are required to fill in the forms are submit them to respective registrars. The total number of seats for biotechnology program in Noida is kept at 60 while it is 30 at Waknaghat. For the 5 yr dual degree program, Noida and Waknaghat campuses have their intake capacity at 30. Students willing to take up the bioinformatics program at JUIT, Waknaghat can enroll 30 at a time.

The tuition fees for the year 2013 are at Rs 40,000 per semester, hostel fee is Rs. 32,500 per semester including food and laundry, development fee has been kept at Rs. 50,000 per annum and there is a one time caution money of Rs. 10,000. Hostel facilities are provided to those candidates that belong from any other place than the NCR region subjected to merit and availability.

The Research

The Biotech department is actively involved in various researches. It has the distinction of being externally funded for its R&D projects by various Government agencies such as Department of Biotechnology, DRDO, ICMR, Ministry of Forest and Environment and Department of Science and Technology. The department also boasts of its strong doctoral research team of 40 Ph.D. scholars registered with faculty members. In the field of medicinal herbs, this department is recognized as a research Center of Excellence under the FIST program.

The major research areas that the department is focusing now are:
- Food Technology- Nutraceuticals, Functional Food Development, Process Technologies
- Plant Biotechnology - Pathway Elucidation, Gene Discovery, Plant Cell Cultures, Genetic Engineering
- Industrial Biotechnology - Industrial Enzymes, Biofuels, Bioremediation
- Clinical Informatics –Imaging, Translational & high-end computing
- Bioinformatics –Sequence analysis, Genome annotation, Rationale designing of molecules & screening, Chemoinformatics, Molecular Modeling, Prediction servers and Database development
- Diseases – Infectious (Diarrhea, MTB, Malaria, HIV, etc.), Cancers, Kidney stones, Stem cells
- Natural Products – Synthetic Chemistry, Lead molecules in the form Drugs

Outstanding Placements

Placement of graduates has been recorded at more than 95% for the past 7 years, wherein most of the students are offered jobs from different repute industries like Celera Genomics, Wipro, Panacea Biotech, Ranbaxy, HCL Life Sciences etc. The B.Tech graduates often pursue MS/Ph.D degrees in most of the top class universities across Europe and USA with meritorious scholarships. The most notable recent placement was that of a B.Tech Bioinformatics graduate with an annual package as high as US$ 60,000 in DivX, USA.

State of Art Infrastructure

Students are provided with hands on exposure in around 30 labs that have been equipped with modernized equipments like LC-MS, 2-D Electrophoresis, atomic absorption spectrometer, bioreactors, pulsed field electrophoresis, preparative HPLC, fluorescent microscopes, LP systems, Q-TOF, plant and animal cell culture facilities, gene pulsar, high end servers, genome sequencer, GC-MS, bioreactors, computational software and workstations.

Industry and Academia Collaborations

The university is continuously looking out for opportunities in order to set up collaborations with academic institutions and industries of repute to provide the graduates with a prospective chance of undertaking joint projects in final year. Majority of noteworthy initiatives have been Jubilant Life Sciences, Cadbury, Novozymes, Panacea, etc. Among the current academic collaborators are South Dakota
School, University of California, Melbourne, Victoria University, Australia, Norwich, UK, USA, Emeryville, University of Florida, Berkeley etc.
Sasa Milosevic
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