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Cambridge University - Biotechnology Courses and Research Options for Students
The University of Cambridge is one of the oldest colleges in UK, being established in the year of 1231 and is often simply called Cambridge. It is the collegiate university which makes it one comprising of self governing as well as independent colleges who have their own campuses, faculty and income. Together these colleges, their faculties and different courses that they offer to students makes Cambridge classrooms a veritable mix of academics from various encompassing colleges and makes it a ideal cultural mix in all respects.

[Image: 800px-Kings_College_Cambridge_Great_Court_Panorama.jpg]

The University of California has many important departments including the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. This department has contributed immensely to the ongoing research in new exciting aspects of fundamental biology and traditional chemistry along with research in new avenues of biotechnology and bioengineering. Not only does this department actively give shape to thoughts and innovative research ideas it also believes in commercialization of the thought process making it one of the most successful departments for biotechnology in the world. Every year a select 180 number of total graduates of the best academic backgrounds and highest caliber are given the opportunity to pursue their MPhil or Masters Program in either of the subjects. In fact this department offers an MPhil in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology and two other programs called Masters in Bioscience Enterprise (MBE) and a PhD in Biotechnology or Chemical Engineering.

MPhil in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology

This is the research degree provided by Cambridge and often is taken for consideration while applying for Ph.D. programs and for clearing the entry requirements. The graduates in this program often opt for higher studies after completing a great research program under academic supervision of experienced faculty. The academics are examined by either thesis submission or oral exams. This course is for one year duration commencing from the month of April, October or January. The entry requirements entail that the candidates who apply for this degree should essentially possess the first degree and also should have minimum second class honors in any biological science, chemistry, chemical engineering, engineering, physics or even applied mathematics or any other relevant degrees of equivalent value. A limited number of elite students are allowed a special funding by the department and is based on the applications received.

Masters in Bioscience Enterprise Programme

This is a one year full time degree programme which is multidisciplinary since it is both a biotechnology as well as business course. This invites applications from individuals with strong business acumen who want to take technology into the commercial sector and take on leadership or consulting roles in the sector of life science related industries and organizations. The curriculum broadly deals with latest developments in biotechnology and life sciences along with studying the underlying business principles and all the regulations meant for successfully marketing new ideas of biotech.

It is an interactive course which demands interdisciplinary projects, a variety of case studies as well as activities dealing with business planning. The course also includes a self-funded tour to the USA and opportunities to take up internships or consulting projects under any technology giant. The successful graduates upon completion are awarded an MPhil degree. The typical academic year starts in October and ends in June. Funding and scholarships are available for certain applicants. All details regarding last dates for scholarships and bursaries are available with the Course Administrator and candidates should generally apply early. There are certain requirements to be met which are given under the Cambridge Trusts or other organizations involved in scholarships and grants. The entry requirements include first class honors degree in life sciences, physics, law, economics, medicinal field or other relevant disciplines. This course usually benefits candidates with a background of academics or any sort of post graduate experiences in the field of business like entrepreneurs.

PhD in Chemical Engineering or Biotechnology

The Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology offers an excellent scope for unprecedented research opportunities by providing PhD programs in both Chemical Engineering as well as Biotechnology. Applications are accepted and selected candidates are only registered for the PhD after a strict three month long assessment period. This course has a comprehensive total duration of nine consecutive academic terms during which academics undergo professional supervised research work after which on the basis of their findings, each candidate submits individual dissertation. The scope of research topics being offered by this department is vast and covers key growth areas of field of chemical engineering and biotechnology.

The PhD program in either of the areas asks for a minimum of good second class and above preferably first class honors degree from prestigious institutions including equivalent degrees offered by overseas institutions in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, biochemistry, engineering, physics, life sciences, applied mathematics or any other similar relevant streams. In some cases, appropriate Masters Degree qualification criteria might be considered under the guidelines prescribed by the selection committee. Funding, grants and scholarships including monthly stipends all are granted in limited numbers depending on the application review by the respective committee.

College system in Cambridge Overview

Any student who becomes a member of the Cambridge University by gaining a place in any of the graduate courses basically belongs to both the University as well as to a specific college under which they pursue their course and research. Supervisors who guide the academics need not necessarily be of the same college and hence it offers students a great degree of flexibility. The chosen department is the place to attend lectures from faculty and conduct the research work. The Colleges on the other hand are the source for academic as well as pastoral support in form of tutors and help from Graduate Office. It offers necessary financial assistance, solves queries, provides student accommodation and has a full in-house range of activities related to social, cultural as well as sporting and debating fields. All the formal processes like the matriculation or the process of formal joining of a student in University or College, visa status monitoring of candidates from overseas and also the end graduation formalities are also handled exclusively by the College authorities.

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