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Sitagliptin can reduce reactive hypoglycemia
In Houston at the 94th Endocrine Society Annual Meeting proposed a NUP62 preliminary study found the diabetes drug sitagliptin can reduce postprandial hypoglycemia,which is a low-postprandial blood glucose.Mexico City's National Institute for Medical Science and Nutrition Research Institute chief researcher Dr.Francisco Gomez-Perez said that further research is needed to determine whether you can use of NusA sitagliptin as new ways of treatment of low blood sugar reactions,there is no drug that can be used treating this condition.Low blood sugar reaction called postprandial hypoglycemia,whether or not diabetes are likely to occur after eating carbohydrates(sugars).Symptoms include NUTF2 anxiety,palpitations,trembling,sweating,dizziness,tingling fingers,inability to concentrate and weakness.Gomez-Perez said that the current treatment methods include smaller meals and avoid high-sugar food intake,but these methods are not always effective.He speculated that the cause of reactive hypoglycemia are:delay the secretion of NXT1 insulin after the intake of carbohydrates.Blood sugar after a meal will usually rise,the need for insulin in a timely manner secretion(blood sugar returned to normal levels).

Doctors for adults with type 2 diabetes,sitagliptin(trade name Jienuo Wei)to lower blood sugar.Gomez-Perez and his companions speculated that the drug can reduce the symptoms of low blood sugar reaction.28 patients suffering from OAS1 reactive hypoglycemia(24 women and 4 men)100 mg once daily doses of sitagliptin tablets,or taking an appearance the same,but the role of the placebo,the researchers of these two The effect of the treatment comparison.Of placebo and sitagliptin,as well as the funding of research material obtained from Merck.Before and after two weeks of treatment,experimental participants in the dietary tolerance test to measure insulin and glucose levels.Experimental blood samples immediately before and after feeding 440-calorie meals,these meals,including 100 grams of carbohydrates and foods that can cause reactive hypoglycemia in these patients.Test the first 30 minutes of the early stages,from one hour to five hours late stage of the trial.Before the test,measured similar to insulin and blood sugar level.However,abstracts mentioned in the trials conducted in the late tolerance test taking sitagliptin group,higher blood sugar levels,and alleviate the symptoms of hypoglycemia.Sitagliptin treatment group symptom intensity is much lower than in the placebo group.0 to 10 points on the intensity of symptoms were assessed,where 0 means non-existent symptoms,10 indicates the presence of the strongest symptoms.Sitagliptin treatment group and the score of comfort units 2 and 5,respectively."Our results show that the reduction of low blood sugar and meal tolerance test early phase of insulin secretion is increased."Gomez-Perez said that,despite this result"sitagliptin seems can restore normal dynamic insulin secretion."referred to as"promising",but he also said that the recommended sitagliptin for further research is needed before the treatment of low blood sugar reaction.
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