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Weight Loss.

Hello to all

Now a days everybody is much conscious to have light weight especially in female so join the gym with controlling your high diet protein meal,and drink more water,adopted constitutional walk that is more better for light weight,
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HI dear,

It is true now a days everybody is conscious for fit and slim body.
For weight losing exercise is a basic treatment, but for better result healthy and diet foods along with exercise are necessary.
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Really nice above comments, and dear i also want to say something about weight lose, dear... If you really want to lose your weight then i want to suggest you, you should take exercise regularly in the morning or evening and you should avoid fast foods like sea foods and many other's which have too much calories and you should eat that foods which your stomach can digest easily...
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Well there are a lot of ways to reduce the body weight but I think the most effective method is to do some exercise workouts. It can be cardiac, aerobic or gym workout or simple running or cycling.. If you apply one of the following thing on you for daily life you can reduce the weight. Other thing is control on diet, yes you can boost up the weight loss by controlling your diet, like avoid crap food and consume more natural food, like vegetables, fruits and dairy products.
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I have some issue related to exercise for the weight loss and fat burn due to my short time. I know very well exercise is the one of the best ways where I can make my body slim and can loss my fat as well. Running and the walking is better for this issue..
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Exercise is such a diverse topic that anyone serious about losing weight should do a little research on the types of activities that may possibly be a part of their weight loss program.
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