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NXT-Dx launches its H2G2 Genome Browser (Press Release)
This is post no. 1 under the main topic.
NXT-Dx launches its H2G2 Genome Browser - The hitchhiker's guide to the genome.

NXT-Dx launches its H2G2 Genome Browser software (http://www.H2G2genomebrowser.com) to genomics-researchers worldwide. For the past 2 years NXT-Dx has offered use of its H2G2 Genome Browser software exclusively to its service customers. Now the software is made available to any researcher worldwide.

"Over the past few years the data generation from sequencing experiments has drastically increased and improved. This increase in throughput and ease of data generation has resulted in data-analysis becoming the bottleneck for most experiments. We believe that with the H2G2 Genome Browser we have got an indispensable tool to help researchers with their data-analysis. Therefore we are proud we can now launch the software to the global research community". (Maarten Braspenning: Operational and commercial director).

NXT-Dx's H2G2 Genome Browser is a web-based visualization and analysis software for sequencing data allowing its users to access and analyze their data from any computer with an internet connection, while the data is safely stored at NXT-Dx’s secure servers. The software allows uploading, storage and visualization of both raw and/or mapped data from any type of sequencing experiment. Users can visualize and browse their data, compare between samples, incorporate publicly available data, export data to excel, etc.

The H2G2 Genome Browser is an easy-to-use visualization software which will help researchers worldwide to make sense from their sequencing data in a simple and intuitive way.

Emailed by: (Pdf version from the company is attached)
Maarten Braspenning
+32 9 265 02 52

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.pdf   Press Release H2G2 launch.pdf (Size: 103.43 KB / Downloads: 0)
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NXT-Dx expands its service portfolio with a unique multiplexed immunoassay service, allowing parallel testing of 96 protein markers in 92 samples. The initial assay focuses on cancer markers but additional assays for inflammation and cardiovascular diseases are expected to follow soon.

For little over 2 years, NXT-Dx has been providing state-of-the-art research testing services in epigenetics and transcriptomics to its global customers, from its headquarters in Ghent, Belgium. Now the company is expanding its service portfolio with the addition of its multiplexed immunoassay

"NXT-Dx has been helping researchers in epigenetics and transcriptomics for the past 2 years to achieve their research goals, by offering excellent services combined with great follow-up and support. Now we want extend our portfolio by offering our multiplexed immunoassay service to existing and new customers.". (Maarten Braspenning: Operational and commercial director).

The multiplexed immunoassay allows to quantify 96 protein markers in 92 samples in parallel with no trade-off in data quality, at affordable cost and with minimal input material (as low as 1µL from plasma, serum, fine needle biopsy, tissue lysate, cell lysate, micro-dialysis fluid and synovial fluid).

Maarten Braspenning
+32 9 265 02 52

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.pdf   Press Release Multiplexed Immunoassay service launch.pdf (Size: 100.82 KB / Downloads: 0)

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