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Full Version: Biotechnology for Beginners
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So I've recently gotten interested in Biotechnology, and I was wondering if anyone had some tips on learning more, books, where to get more information, how to find out what I might be interested in more specifically, and those sort of things? Or should I just check out all the books from the library, cause that's all I've done so far!
Thanks for reading!
u should begin with the basics of biotechnology. in such book u will encounter all the areas of biotechnology and it will help u to identify area of your interest..
Youtube is a great place to find documentaries about biotechnology and get to know what it is all about. Beyond that, there are tonnes of college and university programs that you can look at if you want to get serious.

Figure out what you want to do with biotechnology, then tailor your education to that interest.

You'll love it. It's a great field.
I think it's a great field. Modern biotechnology has changed our life a lot, I mean the good sides.